1-4-12 Occupy Denver in Occupy Boulder GA

January 4, 2012 in Meeting minutes

Teach in, Urban Camping 102

Safehouse for OB? Yes, xxxx’s house.

Take Occupy Boulder’s stuff to Occupy Denver?

Phone tree at Occupy Denver, evacuation plans.

Option 1, take stuff to OD, wait for raid, bring stuff back.

Two types of people; arrestables vs. non-arrestables.

Taco aka hot pocket.

Drag tent.

Bug out bag. Take your stuff and run, bare essentials.


Dance party. Council says this is not a protest, but still allows Star gazing, dancing, cycling and jogging.  That is why this is a dance party.


How to stay mobile during eviction.  Have everything you don’t want destroyed taken down at or before 11.

Be ready at all times. Keep important stuff in backpack.

City council and Boulder are scared of negative publicity.  The police said they wouldn’t do that. It’s more about education.

Plan for the worst, hope for the best.

They may understand, but they take commands from above them (the police)…from higher up the chain.

Cops come by every night.

They did not raid today, because it hasn’t been signed.  One of the people that voted in opposition to the new rule, said “nobody knows whats going on with this rule at the moment”.  It was supposed to be signed and enacted today.