10/11/11 General Assembly Meeting Minutes (7:00pm)

October 11, 2011 in Meeting minutes

Oct 11th 2011 GA 7pm (Tuesday)




The New Bottom Line, an organization working on economic justice, will have a week of actions from October 25th through the 30th against Wells Fargo and other Wall Street banks. Flyers handed out.


Netanyahu to be in Denver November 6th, 7th, and 8th at the Sheridan downtown. Terry asks for those wishing to be involved with street theater in protest should speak to him.


Self-training class to be held after the end of GA.




Hickenlooper stated on the radio that he believes the tent city is setting a bad precedent, and that he will not allow the tents to stay indefinitely. OccDenv to present an open letter in response:

“As you already know, several members of the Occupy Denver movement have constructed a tent city in Lincoln Park. We are nonviolent. We are leaderless. We are organized. We respect our state park as our home, because as of now, it is our tents are a symbol. We are here to draw attention to the injustice of corporate sovereignty over modern life. We respectfully request that your administration honor our constitutional right to peaceable assembly and abstain from hindering the continuation of our occupation. Tuesday, October 11th, on KOA you stated We have always supported the first amendment in that you were worried about the precedent set by our tent city, because it could lead to multiple tent cities across Denver. There are already tent cities across Denver. The only difference is that no one can see them. If we are truly concerned about the precedent set by our occupation, we invite you to work with us to create a world in which tent cities are no longer a necessity. Given the fact that we as citizens have no proper forum to organize and address the issues that confront us, the tent city that we have constructed serves not only as a symbol, but a form for us to organize, discuss, and show solidarity with our underrepresented brothers and sisters across the United States of America. If you have concerns about public safety or health, we invite you to work with us to alleviate said concerns. If you have other questions, concerns or requests, we invite you and members of your administration to come and address them with us at one of our general assemblies held daily at 3pm or 7pm.”


2/3 majority consensus reached on the content of the letter and its presentation to the governor. Letter to be presented on Wednesday, October 12th, to Hickenlooper’s chief of staff.


Others bring up issues such as self-defense against the police, ending the federal reserve, but nothing that leads to proposals or in-depth discussion.