10/13/11 General Assembly Meeting Minutes (7:00pm)

October 17, 2011 in Meeting minutes

October 13th, 7pm GA (Thursday)


Discussion is focused on the anticipated police suppression of the encampment later that night (at 11pm park closing time).

4 options:

1. Stay and see what happens with police

2. Remove tents, move to sidewalk for the night

3. Relocate elsewhere until the park opens again in the morning (5am)

4. Pack up and go home


The people’s kitchen (Thunderdome) and other free-standing structures were assumed to be legal, but OccDenv was informed that officials recently stated that state park property extends across sidewalks and only allows for two feet of grass from street as public property.


Representative from National Lawyer’s Guild speaks to those who plan on staying and have interactions with the police. She also offers a brief “Know Your Rights” training immediately after the general assembly.


Discussion then turns to what the possible charges may be, and what the consequences of those charges are. The representative form the national lawyer’s guild stresses that the facts of the situation can affect the interpretation of the law.


Some express concern that the OccDenv movement will be compromised over a bunch of tents. They claim that Hickenlooper only has a problem with the tents, which is why he issued a dispersal order and is sending in the state police to carry that order out. They propose that the tents come down and that people leave until the park opens again at 5am.


Others reject this idea and state that they plan on staying as an act of protest against state suppression.


Discussion goes back and forth on these issues, and many understand that individuals will choose to do different things. Some will stay, and some will go. The primary concern is that everyone stays safe.


A rough straw poll is taken on the options:

OPTION 1 (STAY): 20-30