10/20: ZOMBIE MARCH AGAINST CORPORATE MEDIA: Rise up against the mind control of propaganda, censorship, and advertising!

October 10, 2012 in Event

When: Oct. 20th, 2pm-4pm
Where: Civic Center Park

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In medieval times the court jester was the only person allowed to say whatever he wanted. He could call out the ruling class on their lies and propaganda without fear of being executed, because he did it with humor. He had the power to affect change by planting a seed in the minds of the court.

While we would all agree that the more serious marches and actions are always important we can often bring more public attention to an issue with humor and by being just a little bit silly. In doing something ridiculous and unexpected we may capture the curiosity of the folks around us, and thus they will drop their guard for a while to actually listen to what we have to say. So in the spirit of the old time court jester, join us for the Zombie March Against Corporate Media.

The news is controlled by a small number of corporations such as NBC Universal, News Corporation (FOX), CBS Corporation, Viacom, The Walt Disney Corporation, and Time Warner. These corporate media outlets often censor, alter and spin information regarding the most important issues facing us these days, thus cutting us off from the truth and often even making us afraid of our neighbors by weaving racism and bigotry in between the lines, and then distracting us with adorable puppies. Corporations then bombard us with advertisements in an effort to convince us that we should care only about buying more junk we don’t need. A study in 2009 showed that the average hour long T.V. show was 36% commercials! You can hardly watch a TV show or movie without suffering through the blatant product placement.

These have been the tools of the rich and greedy to control the masses by turning us into apathetic zombies who live to buy the goods and believe the lies. The Zombie March Against Corporate Media is a fun way to call the attention to these issues of many who may not normally notice. It will be family friendly, sidewalk only and with a low risk of arrest as a group of lumbering zombies with funny signs deftly follow the Monopoly Man carrying a giant television. We will meet up at Civic Center Park on Saturday October 20th at 2pm for zombifying and sign making (Make-up will be available. Keep in mind, fake blood can stain clothes so wear something you don’t mind ruining, and be creative!), then march from 3 to 4pm, dispersing into the Denver Zombie Crawl at Skyline Park. Don’t let the %1 steel our BRRAAAAIIIIINS!!!