10/23/11 – General Assembly Meeting Minutes (7:00pm)

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Sunday, October 23rd 2011 - 7pm GA


–4 people, all Occupy Denver participants, were arrested today for squatting in a house in Northwest Denver. One was held in pain compliance for 15 minutes and then taken away in ambulance. DABC put out a call for financial and other forms of support to help these Occupy Denver participants.

–#mtmd is asking participants to follow her twitter account.

Announcements from Committees:

–Legal Committee: Need money to file for injunctive relief and also for dispatch reports from the Denver Police Department. Will vote on this on Monday (Oct 24th) 7pm GA.

–Events Committee: Will be holding a letter-writing campaign for Obama’s Denver visit next week. People are invited to express their personal concerns and issues, and in solidarity with AIM, people are also encouraged to speak out against the Tar Sands pipeline. (Voted on and passed by consensus). For those who cannot deliver a hand-written letter, email your letter to events@occupydenver.org

–GA Procedures Committee: Open forum on aspects of the GA procedures proposal will occur on Monday, October 24th. More of the proposals will be voted on during Monday (Oct 24th) 7pm GA.

–Kitchen/Medic: There is now a biohazard waste bin and narcam kit. For found needles, notify the medic or kitchen folks so that they can properly dispose of it. If someone is overdosing on heroin, please notify medic/kitchen folks so that they can utilize the narcam kit until 911 can arrive on the scene.


–Nominations for treasury committee will occur on Monday (Oct 24th) 7pm GA, and elections will occur on Tuesday (Oct 25th) 7pm GA.

–Nominations for administration committee will occur on Tuesday (Oct 25th) 7pm GA, and elections will occur on Wednesday (Oct 26th) 7pm GA.

–Wednesday’s weather forecast is expecting snow. For those interested, an informal potluck will happen for the 7pm GA, so hopefully hot meals will provide warmth!

–Proposal to adopt hand signals as proposed by GA procedures committee: Passed with one modification. Instead of the nonverbal “thumbs down” if there is a disagreement, the nonverbal “downward spirit fingers” is instead encouraged to be used for those wishing to express disagreement. Adopted hand signals listed at bottom of this document.

–Team of 5 who help with the facilitation and orderliness of GAs voted on and passed as proposed by GA procedures committee. Team of 5 positions and roles listed at bottom of this document.


Tabled items:

–Need to establish a 2-way communication process between 3pm and 7pm GAs.

–Having representation from the 24/7 committee on every other committee, to help bridge the gap between behind the scenes committees and on-the-ground realities.



Hands raised:Having to say something

Chopping hands: A point of clarification, not a direct idea. We should refer to it as a point of clarification, not a direct response. It’s getting us into a lot of trouble. This is the one part that would be a change, which is simply in the changing of the title of what this hand signal is called. Point of clarification, a direct answer, question that can be quickly responded to, not a new idea, not a proposal, or rant about what you’re eating tonight.

Triangle: Point of procedure. Means you’re getting off topic, need to get back on topic. That can also be used if there is something happening outside that’s disrupting this group, and we need to stop the discussion in order to address.

Roll hands: You’re rambling. Stop rambling.

Spirit fingers: I’m into it!

Peace fingers: This one is keeping things peaceful.

Downward spirit fingers: We haven’t been using this as much. This give peoples who are not happy with the proposal or something being discussed of a nonverbal way of not holding it in or yelling it out.



—Facilitator: The person who moderates, keep order, keeps people on point in the meetings. The facilitator is not a leader. The facilitator should not be stating their own personal opinions. It should be very clear that the facilitator is a neutral moderator, and not some sort of a leader. A lot more can be said in elaborating these roles, but I’m just summarizing the key basic points.

—Stack-keeper: Keeping stack, taking a number, and getting people in line to speak in the right order. An ideal goal, the GA procedures committee is striving, suggesting, that the stack keeper and the facilitator be of different genders. This is an ideal way to try to keep some balance. We recognize that can’t always happen, like right now, but as a goal and a way of striving to maintain some gender balance, that’s what we’re hoping for.

—Note-taker: Notes should be kept at each meeting. If you don’t want your name on the notes, that should be stated so that the note taker knows that. We have been having some issues with getting the notes online as quickly as they should. This can be worked on as we get more laptops. Hopefully that will help. Now there are email addresses to send them directly to, so that should help.

—Time-keeper: This is in regards to the part of the proposal that we aave on Friday, the flow of the general assemblies, and give some basic time guidelines on how long it should take. The whole GA should take no longer than 2 hours, if it goes on longer, it needs to be voted on.

—Vibes-watcher: Is there to keep the peace, to keep people calm, to watch out for crazy things that are going on, to keep an eye out for when there’s people leaving the group that look really upset. The vibes-watcher should be aware of that and talk to them to see why they’re leaving. They can also have a keen eyer if the facilitator is getting out of hand and keep them in check. To keep us all happy and peaceful.