10/29: Protest US Bank; Foreclosure Occupation Continues

October 24, 2012 in Uncategorized

Occupy Denver Joins The Occupy Our Homes Movement Defending Homeowner Facing Eviction.

When:   Noon – 2pm

Where:  US Bank Main Office, 950 17th Street, Denver, CO 80202

What:   Tell US Bank to give Sahara Donahue 60 days so she can leave her house with dignity.

After The Protest:

Car pool to Sahara’s house at 170 Peaceful Valley Lane, Idaho Springs, CO, 80452 for an over-night Occupation as the eviction is rumored to be scheduled Tuesday mourning.  Floor space is available.  Bring sleeping bags, warm clothes, video cameras, live streams, noisemakers, musical instruments, banners, food and water for yourself and to share.

Please e-mail idahospringsoccupation@gmail.com if you need transportation or to help organize a car pool, we want to make sure that everyone who wants to participate in this action has the opportunity.

Facebook event here http://www.facebook.com/events/482835895071904/

Please contact Chris at 720-291-4267 or email outreach@occupydenver.org for more details. And for those who cannot attend the direct action, please call the Clear Creek County Sheriff’s Office (303) 679-2376 to demand that they allow Sahara the 60 days she needs to make this difficult transition.

Join Occupy Denver and Idaho Springs homeowner Sahara Donahue in defending her home against eviction by U.S. Bank. Sahara has been defending her right to her home of 24 years through court battles dating back to December of 2010. During that time, her mortgage has changed hands multiple times, leaving an undocumented and illegal trail of title transfers that give her the legal basis to challenge within the courts. Having recently lost her lawyer in the case, she received a summary judgment in U.S. Bank’s favor and is now facing immediate eviction. Sahara reached out to Occupy Denver through the Colorado Foreclosure Resistance Coalition. She is asking for 60 days in which to move with dignity. Occupy Denver has set up an occupation to defend her right to remain long enough to find a new home and to move safely from her small mountain community in Idaho Springs, where she has been an active volunteer and close friend to the residents there. Occupy Denver is urging all community members to aid Sahara is resisting eviction.  We have received word that the local community radio station KGNU and the Huffington Post will be covering this story on site.  We are in communication with local attorneys who have successfully opposed such fraudulent, illegal foreclosure actions by the banks. Community members in Idaho Springs, along with Occupy Denver, plan to petition local law enforcement to have the decency to allow Sahara the chance to move safely from her home as winter sets in.