10/25: Teach-In: Wildlife Conservation and One Health

October 7, 2012 in Teach-In

When: Thursday, October 25th, 5:30—6:45 PM
Where: At the Deer Pile space above City O’ City, 206 East 13th Avenue, 13th and Sherman (entrance door is on Sherman Street)

This is a FREE event put on by the Occupy Denver Education Committee.

When you hear the term wildlife conservation, perhaps the images that swarm into your mind include wolves, whales, giant pandas and mountain gorillas. Have you ever thought about your health in this imagery? If Earth is losing so many species, how might that be connected to your well-being?

Progressive institutions throughout the world are now looking at the interconnections between human, non-human animal and ecological health. One thing we know without question is that the three entities are completely interlinked and fully dependent on each other.

In this teach-in we will explore wildlife conservation strategies, environmental protection, and the importance of fostering the next generation to be true stewards of Earth, our only home. Sarah will share examples from her work for , giant pandas and red pandas, and black-footed ferrets. We will discuss the moral aspects of harming so many sentient beings as well as how biologically we must care more about what we are doing to them.

This teach in is led by Dr. Sarah Bexell. Sarah has been engaged in wildlife conservation, conservation education and humane education for nearly 20 years. Currently, she is Director of Conservation Education at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, China, and a Research Scholar with the Institute for Human-Animal Connection at the University of Denver. She is also an instructor for the Humane Society University where she teaches Humane Education and Animal Protection and the Environment. Her work focuses on developing and evaluating education programs to facilitate the human-animal bond to promote animal welfare, healthy child development, and wildlife and nature preservation.