10/27/11 – General Assembly Minutes (7pm)

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October 27th, 2011
7pm GA

Committee Announcements:

–Events: Week from Monday, anti-vagrancy is on the agenda for Denver City Council, events will be organized on that
–Finance: Need a budget from each committee
–24/7: A theft occurred at a warm house. The individual was confronted, and has not returned. Warm houses are temporarily suspended until a screening process is implemented. Also, need blankets.
–Info and welcoming: Responsible for processing clothes, keeping track of personal items, organizing and distributing information, welcoming and greeting visitors. Needs help.
–Outreach: Denver Area Labor Federation (representing 20+ municipal level unions) has unanimously passed a letter in support of OccDenv. They also donated $200.


–Gvr. Hickenlooper at Halloween event tonight at Union Station.
–Tomorrow (Fri, Oct 28th), 4pm, Auraria campus, a march with the New Bottom Line during their week of action against Wells Fargo will start at Tivoli Commons and end at OccDenv.
–Representatives from Veterans Against the War and Civilian Soldier Alliance attended GA, and expressed interest in collaborating with our movement by learning about our organizing and sharing some of their organizing work. They will be hosting teach-ins on Veterans Day for November 11th on Auraria campus. They will also have a film screening. They are interested in speaking to veterans and students about the teach-in, and all are welcome to attend.


–Finance: Proposed a procedure for taking in donations, traking donations, and making the process transparent:
Donations will be counted by 3 people including a member from finance committee, a member from the GA, this would ideally be the notetaker, so it could be included in the notes right there. Facilitator and stacker would come next, but anyone would do. The 3rd person would be another committee member. Most likely 24/7 or security, or someone who’s here a lot. Once we have this money, we will write it down on an intake slip. This will enable us to have physical records. We’d also keep records electronically, Josh will be doing that, and he will stay separate from all of the physical records to help keep things transparent. We will also take .pdfs of the excel documents and post them online so everyone knows what’s going on. Once we have that money, we’ll take it to a safe at an off-site location or headquarters.
Vote: 30 in favor, 0 opposed, 2 abstentions. Motion passes.

–Finance: Proposed a short-term procedure for approving expenditures:
For all expenditures, as a general rule, all expenditures will be approved by the 7pm GA.
Vote: 36 in favor, 0 opposed, 0 abstentions. Motion passes.

–Content creation: Straw poll taken to table this proposal, it was a bit vague and unclear.

–Events: Proposed that Anita Gonzalez speak this Saturday (immigrant rights advocate, educator, activist) and that speakers be invited each Saturday.
Vote: 24 in favor, 0 opposed, 0 abstentions. Motion passes.

–Proposal for meeting with councilwoman Shepherd (Jason (PR), Rob (legal), Ben (24/7)). They will speak to her about temporary zoning variance for medical and kitchen tents, two port-a-potties, access to social services, tents for sleeping as a symbolic statement of the rights to assembly and free speech, and to work with every channel possible to obtain the injunction.
Right now, only 4 out of 13 councilpeople have stated they will oppose Charlie Brown’s anti-vagrancy ordinance (which would restrict occupiers from sleeping overnight on the sidewalks). It was stated that speaking to Councilwoman Shepherd may influence her to speak to her colleagues and sway their opinions. No vote was taken, since the three going to the meeting are not representing OccDenv, but instead acting as concerned citizens.

–Financial donations counted:
Counted by Tad (finance), Neil (security), Colleen (GA)