11/6: Occupy Sham-Election Party

November 2, 2012 in Endorsement, Event

When: Tuesday, November 6 starting at 5 pm
Where: 201 N. Tejon St., Colorado Springs, Colorado 80903 (Acacia Park)

The Occupy Sham-Election Party was endorsed by the Occupy Denver General Assembly and is hosted by Occupy Colorado Springs.

AN ELECTION NIGHT we protest the sham of American elections. People have a human right to true democratic leadership, not a farce, not a monied oligopoly where both corporate parties promise a lesser of evil outcomes. Whether you choose Romney or Obama in 2012, the result is still foreclosures, pipelines and drones. And austerity, increasing inequality, corporate hegemony, neo-liberal belligerence, injustice and war. (Will protesting election night be any less effective than casting a vote in a corporate-controlled election?)

PARTY OR PROTEST? Occupy will celebrate Election Night because that’s when otherwise politically activated citizens can stop worrying about the election and put their energies back to the issues and toward actions with real potential to provide remedies.

Join us Election Night, 5PM TUESDAY Nov. 6, to remind American voters about the real issues unaddressed by this election!

Please invite yourself, if you weren’t already, and spread the word. And yes, we’ve invited OCCUPY DENVER!

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