10/8: Transform Columbus Day 2012 – Pueblo, CO

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Columbus day must be stopped. We will not stand to continue to live in the legacy and celebration of a man responsible for torture and enslavement of people on the island of Hispaniola and for initiating the murders of millions of indigenous people, bringing widespread slave trade to the Americas, and promoting a philosophy of domination of other peoples, of the environment, of other belief systems, and of women by men that persist today. Occupy Denver calls all people to join the American Indian Movement Monday October 8th at 9am in Pueblo, where Columbus day was first celebrated, to say no more. We want a future where our children are taught the true stories of this land, where Columbus’s racist legacy is squashed, and where indigenous people’s rights and land are recognized.

A bus will be picking people up and leaving from Denver on Monday morning. Meet at La Alma Park (also known as Lincoln Park on some maps) at West 11th Avenue and Mariposa Street in the parking lot by the play ground, at 7am. Bus leaves at 7:15am so be on time! $0-10 sliding scale for gas coasts. The more people you bring with you the cheaper gas will be! Click to join the Facebook Event
The van pool is scheduled to arrive in Pueblo, Colorado for the demonstration commencing 9am at Henkle Park on Abriendo Avenue, between Ramona and Penn Streets

In protesting Columbus day we reiterate the demands set forth in the Indigenous Platform which Occupy Denver endorsed one year ago on October 8th. Let us not forget these demands…

By saying NO to Columbus and his day we are saying YES to a new future of mutual respect, collaboration, and equality,
a future that respects…

  • the rights of indigenous peoples
  • the natural environment
  • democratic & economic justice
  • gender equity over global patriarchy
  • free and equal speech over hate speech

Download Columbus Day Protest Flyer (pdf)

After the Protest

Teach-in by Glenn T. Morris, an American Indian Activist.