1-11-12 General Assembly Minutes

January 11, 2012 in Meeting minutes


Foreclosures Working Group: There is a meeting Saturday, the 14th, 4:00 pm at the CPC Office on 1029 Santa Fe about Occupy Foreclosure

Saturday, the 14th, noon, Civic Center Park: OD Veteran’s March, organized by and for veterans

Monday, the 16th, about 10:00 am to about 2:30 pm, MLK Day: Vern Howard, the main organizer for MLK events, has been in contact with Tanner and is very excited to work with us, even informing the Denver Post.  For our part, we’ll have a table set up in Civic Center Park for “Occupy the Dream,” to enable attendees to come and express their own dreams for the future.

There is a related event at the Redline, 24th and Arapahoe, 2:00 pm, entitled “Beyond Occupy: An MLK Dialogue for 2012.”  It will include hip-hop artists, good food, art, and dialogue.

Next Friday, 10:30 am, steps of the Capitol Building: Occupy the Courts, in support of the proposed amendment to repeal corporate personhood.  Plans to go into the legislature for an hour.  Wear Guy Fawkes masks (hide them to bring them in) or a dollar over your mouth (note: don’t write on the dollar, ‘cause that’s illegal).

Saturday, the 21st, noon, Civic Center Park: Funeral for our Civil Liberties, protesting against NDAA, PIPA, SOPA.  There will also be other events throughout the week.

Occupy the Koch Brothers Working Group: They’re organizing a charter bus ($75/person) to go to Tulsa from March 2 – March 5.  Expect more on this.  Talk to somebody if interested.

Tactics: There is a sign/coffin-making party Tuesday at City o’ City.  Also trying to find a venue to show the “How to Start a Revolution” film.  Talk to somebody after GA if interested.

Education: Thursday, Jan. 12, 7:00 pm, Deer Pile (above City o’ City): Teach-In with Chad Kautzer: “Capitalism, Crisis, and Occupy Economics 101.”

A journalist traveling the country to visit occupations: Is on one of their last stop, and has accumulated a treasure trove of information about other occupations that can be used to grow the movement: http://seriousnote.wordpress.com/.  One observation they had about Occupations that had been successfully dispersed- it has resulted in a diffusion of the Movement into various neighborhoods, effectively spreading it to areas outside of the central Occupation.

Agenda Items

GA Procedures proposed changing the GA time/structure, beginning Jan. 16 and lasting until spring, to enable the GA to be more comfortable/inclusive/productive:

Tuesday General Assembly, 7PM @ “Deerpile space” upstairs from City O City 206 East 13th Avenue, Denver, CO

Thursday Inter-committee meetings(spokes Council meeting pending approval) 7PM @ “Deerpile space” upstairs from City O City 206 East 13th Avenue, Denver, CO

Saturday General Assembly, 3PM @ Civic Center Park
This is the only space in the area they could find, and the only times that were available.

After some discussion, it passed unanimously:
Yes 17, No 0, Abstentions 0
0 No

Proposal that OD support the Beyond Occupy event by putting it up on the website and inviting everyone.

Some discussion.

Yes 10, No 0, Abstentions 5

Open Discussion
There was some discussion about how to reliably and consistently provide food to The Row.

There was also some discussion about marching and subsequently having a sit-in on Stoner’s Hill, but it was decided to table the idea until further developed.