11/6: Teach-In: True Cost of Coal by the Beehive Collective

October 31, 2012 in Teach-In

When: Tuesday, Nov. 6 at 5pm
Where: The Deer Pile (Above City O City)

Come See the *Big Picture!* The BEEHIVE COLLECTIVE and Rising Tide North America present the TRUE COST OF COAL!

Don’t miss this high energy, interactive, graphics-based picture-lecture [or workshop]. Free admission- all are welcome!

“…the climate movement needs to have one hell of a comeback.”

–Naomi Klein

This summer North America saw an inspiring amount of grass-roots organizing against fossil fuel extraction. From growing resistance to hydro-fracking for natural gas, to the derailing of the Keystone XL pipeline project, to the continued disruption of mountaintop removal sites in Appalachia, folks are waking up to the threat posed by dirty, dangerous fossil fuel extraction and working to build alternatives. As this movement for climate justice grows in North America, communities are connecting the dots between the climate crisis and the grassroots struggles of people across the world resisting this assault on their land and culture.

At this crucial moment, we would like to invite your community to be part of this dialogue. This fall, the Beehive Design Collective andRising Tide North America will be touring through the Southwest offering an interactive, multi-media presentation that celebrates fossil fuel resistance from around North America. We hope to share the stories we have heard in our travels and learn more about the struggles against energy extraction in this region and weave them into this growing tapestry of resistance!

The Beehive is a wildly motivated all-volunteer, art-activist collective that has gained international attention and participation for its collaboratively produced graphics campaigns. (www.beehivecollective.org).