1-17-12 General Assembly Minutes

January 17, 2012 in Meeting minutes


Admin- Collecting Committee Digest to get a sense of who is doing what and the contact information of committee members. Committees and working groups please complete the digest and submit it admin. Contact info is only used internally, when you share your info, it’s private. Admin would like to add an email address for every working group and committee.

Education committee- Lots of teach-ins scheduled. For the next two Thursdays Labor Liberation Teach in by Colorado Jobs for Justice at City o City at the Deerpile. On Tuesday the 24th there is an Identity Studies workshop. Check the website and Facebook for updates. All teach ins start at 5:15

Film Committee- Film committee needs pictures, videos and other types of media. Anyone with equipment is encouraged to get involved, if you want to get involved talk to Tanner Spendley or email general@occupydenver.org.

Events Committee- Friday is Occupy the Courts, 10:30am at the west steps of the Capitol Building. We are going in to lobby our representatives.  Tomorrow we are going to the Federal Appeals Courts. On Saturday, the 21st at noon we are having a funeral for our civil liberties and highlighting the injustice surrounding the NDAA and SOPA. On the 24th, Saturday evening we are having a State of the Dis-Union at the Three Kings, be there at 6pm.   There will also be an Occupy Denver Fashion Show and a raffle at the same event, 5-dollar cover charge.

Gardening Working Group-Next Meeting Sunday at Civic Center Park at 1pm.

Food Committee- Coming up with a schedule to supply the occupiers with food. If you know of a space to wash dishes and prepare food, email food@occuoydenver.org.

Press Committee- If you want something on the website, be more organized, add the who, what, when and where and submit it press@occupydenver.org. A week in advance. If you have something that is already edited, send it web@occupydenver.org

Declaration of Purpose working group- will soon have a meeting, if you want to get involved email general@occupydenver.org

Tactics- wants to make tombstones for the funeral event and they need a space to create.

Legal- How to do legal support training at the 27 Social Center at 6pm on Thursday, email general@occupydenver.org

Family of Love is requesting protest art, talk to Jason. Go to the Family of Love facebook page or email general@occupydenver.org and mention Jason in the title.

Committees are encouraged to do booths at upcoming events

Those who have been arrested need support in court, be there at 8am.

Someone has a trial on Feb 6th at 8am in courtroom 3e

Isaac from 350.org and Legal Defense Fund. A model on how to best initiate change through municipalities and townships.  He developed a Bill of Rights,  he will email to general@occupydenver.org.  He will also have a dialogue with committee members to discuss ways to use this info.

City o City manager says that we have to out by 9pm. If people are cleaning they may stay to clean. We are encouraged to buy shit, says one individual.

Fella on Craigslist selling lil laptops for 45, for those involved in Occupy and have little money, this is good way to get a electronic device.

If you want Udall’s, Bennett’s or DeGette’s number see that guy, didn’t catch his number but you can probably look on their websites.

Dan the Bagel Man is traveling and he is an activist. He suggests that we look to churches and dumpster dive for food

Someone’s trial is at 10am at 3H on the 20th

Colorado Street Medics Jan 27th, sliding scale CPR class at the 27 Social Center
Street Medic Training coming on the 28th and 29th, check their Facebook page.
Feb. 5th Secret Café Brunch
Feb 11th 9th and Santé Fe, Benefit Concert and Birthday for Zoey

Downstream Neighbor Water Symposium Jan 27th through the 29th

Occupy DU is starting to form a small group and they are doing a GA. Tomorrow, Wednesday and Thursday at Sturm , 5pm-7pm there will be Occupy events at DU.

Agenda Items

Occupy Denver actively support, endorse and join Politically Active Ztudents (PAZ) and other on campus groups in the action against Wells Fargo because of their involvement in the prison industrial complex and it’s impact on immigrants, on the 24th.
Press Conference-11am
Teach-in to learn about communities impacted by their business practices-12:45-3:00
At the end we MARCH-4:30 from Auraria to Civic Center

Yes 42, No 0, Abstentions 3

Our support would include putting it on the website and saying that for this event we are joining and showing solidarity.

Racial Justice and Police Brutality Action-Colorado Progressive Coalition
Asking Occupy Denver to endorse and support an action on Friday for Colorado Progressive Coalition. January 20, noon at the Wellington Webb 201 W. Colfax

Yes 49, Abstentions1

Hierarchical Discussion Group with a rotating topic- Civic Park Sunday at 5pm. Proposal was tabled for development

Occupy Denver financial committee pays for a legal helpline
Requesting 30-50 dollars a month or three months upfront that would not exceed 150 dollars. Members of the Legal Team will be staffing it. Once the landline is established it can be forwarded to cell phones. It’s not a guarantee that you will be bailed out but it is a line to the outside world

Yes 46, Abstentions 3

We release whatever money is needed to purchasing the Occupy Denver, www.occupydenver.org host

Yes 47, Abstaining 1