1-19-12 Inter-Committee Minutes

January 19, 2012 in Meeting minutes


This is an inter-committee meeting; not a deciding body of OD, but rather a potential Spokes Council.  There are numerous Spokes Council models for how to facilitate this type of meeting; tonight can be a tryout.

Proposal from GA procedures: get consent on trying out the following model and seeing if we like it:  “As part of the spokes council model, suggest that we sit in pie fashion with committee members/working group- sitting with people in the same committee/working group.”

Suggestion of definition: actively participating in said committee/working group (if nobody recognizes you, you’re probably not).

What if you’re on different committees?

Choose a priority…whichever you’re more active on, or mainly identify with, etc.

Doing stack: Take it on committee basis (your whole committee is on stack), with one person speaking at a time.  The spokes person should be representing the committee, not individuals.  Give priorities to committees/working groups first.

Are we to assume that this was the model that people wanted to try out after last night’s GA Procedures meeting?  Answer: Yes.

What’s the Spokes Council to achieve by the end of the night?  Answer: Streamline the way that ideas are developed; get people together in face-to-face contact who are working on things, refine proposals, plans, etc.- get multiple perspectives.

Votes: All twinkle fingers in favor.


OD got very positive, front-page press coverage in the Denver Post. Vern Howard has put out a call for OD to work with him on economic issues- this is an excellent opportunity for outreach to communities of color.

Teach-ins have had thousands of views!

Someone spoke to Johnny 5 on Tuesday- we have him for any date in Feb., first week in March.  Working on putting together next Why I Occupy. Someone is gonna write down whatever he’s working on.

Veteran’s working group up and running; has had a few meetings.  Food Coalition group needs help.

We’ve got two months and two weeks before the weather gets nice.

Is anybody willing to be on a press conference, speaking as a face of Occupy?  11:00, Tuesday, the 24th, Auraria Campus.

We need people to get the legal line number out.

Someone put out a call out for occupy artists.

EVENTS- meeting 5:00 pm Monday, Civic Center Park

Agenda Items
Food Justice
Events Committee Structure
Cooperation  between Social Media, Film & Video, and Education
Scheduling of Meetings
Foreclosure (Efforts)
Web Acceptance; how do things get up?
List of Upcoming events

Events structure, foreclosure, web acceptance got most twinkles.

Events Structure; Events has been a mixed group for the past several months, there is a need to diversify responsibilities and coordinate with each other.  Should we have working groups for different actions?  How do we want to pass it through GA?  How can we get more people to join Events?

How is it structured now?  Answer: Good ideas, but not enough people continually staying for good on-the-ground follow-through.

Whoever posts specific events should be bottom-lining them (i.e., effectively, every event is a multi-committee working group).

If we did this, what would events be/do?  Events can work on coordination with dates.

What if Events and Tactics become a sort of coordination committee? Coordinate with different committees, facilitate interaction with different communities.  Each direct action has its own working group.

Get one person from certain committees to attend Events meetings.  Also need to get more people involved in the promotion, such as flyering.  (Somebody’s working on putting together an on-call team for flyering.)

Have a built-in working group that could bottom line it.

Is there a point person for researching what’s happening next month, etc so that we can coordinate things a bit easier.

There’s a list of stuff happening through May.  It would be great to be able to put that on a calendar.

Almost seems like Events should be a facilitator, administrator of events.  Get the information up, don’t be responsible for making events happen.

These inter-committee meetings would be a great place to get people to coordinate with each other.

Can you write a job description about what you’re doing, so that others can know what to do?

Events shouldn’t be a middle man for events- anybody should be able to do it; Events shouldn’t have to bottom line everything.  We should set up a Google calendar, so we know who’s doing what and when.

I wonder if we might totally dismantle Events and turn it into a direct actions working groups email?  Direct Actions working groups are responsible for planning actions that arise as needed- not permanent.

Community building (same people calling the same people all the time).  Somebody would need to be communicating all of this to the different committees.

Maybe events should do periodical big things, but the working groups could do the smaller things.  Don’t dismantle events; just repurpose it.

We’re in the same spot we began with.  What can we DO to follow up on this before next Thursday?

Write up a “job description” for events to post/circulate. What can we do now? How do we develop solutions? Recruitment; put out word on social media.

Events be in charge of large events, working groups bottom-line direct actions; Suggestion: Someone will put together list of on-call canvassers for publicity;
Outreach blitz; general call-out for people.

Foreclosures- meeting every two weeks at CPC office on Santa Fe; hybrid working group  involving various groups outside of OD, as well as various committees.

Tactics/Events should be involved with this.

When are we going to start actually occupying foreclosures?

Only had second meeting, but there are various options of things to do.  The first direct action will be to disrupt an option; moving towards occupation, but that takes longer.

Do you have a call-out from people being foreclosed upon?

Not yet, but Colorado Progressive Coalition is already working with those.

If you know anybody who can show up with legal experience, that would be great.

This is an effective, replicable model that has worked.  We should start thinking of it as a foreclosure campaign.  This is something that we can do Colorado-wide, including Occupy Colorado Springs (which needs help, because their foreclosure group only has two people).

Figure out how Occupy Denver CAN support things like Colorado Springs doing actions.  Share web resources?  Media resources?

We can propose at the next meeting to set up a state-wide meeting.

Flim/Video: We can discuss making a video that talks about this process and puts it on the web for people to see.  Foreclosures is something that comes up at every meeting…we want to tell people’s individual stories of foreclosures.

Teach-in’s coming up, 5:30-6:45 (next one, and Feb. 9 (hopefully)) on topics relevant to it.

List of Upcoming Events:
March tomorrow: 10:30; steps of the Capitol, goes until 2 p.m./Police Brutality rally noon in front of Wellington Well building

March on Saturday

Tuesday, 24th Wells Fargo Action/Immigration Detention Centers/GA

Occupy Obama; Next Thursday, but no location

Next Two Teach-ins in the “Occupy Economics” Series by Education: Feb. 2: Chad Kautzer (Education/Foreclosures),

“Capitalism, Foreclosures, and the Politics of Responsibility” teach-in, 5:30-6:45 p.m., Deer Pile Space.

This will be coupled with a foreclosure teach-in the following week, Feb. 9, 5:30-6:45 p.m., Deer Pile Space by Corrine Fowler, Economic Justice Director from Colorado Progressive Coalition. Fowler will focus on political and legislative agenda and Colorado-specific information on foreclosures.

Occupy Colorado Caucus, Feb. 7, location undecided

Sat. 11th, Occupy the Dems, $10,0000/person fundraiser protest

Feb. 20 Occupy Oakland, occupy San Quinton, OD support/solidarity

Break up with the banks – Valentine’s Day! Should we do this?

Occupy the corporations -  Feb. 29

May 3, Occupy the Koch Brothers, Witchita—how do we support

April – Tax Day—should we do something?

April 22, Earth Day, events?

Fracking working group?

May Day action?! Lots of support

May 5th, National Immigrant Rights March/Cinco de Mayo