12-22-11 General Assembly Notes

December 22, 2011 in Meeting minutes

Here’s a link to videos of this General Assembly


Satirical Christmas Caroling on Saturday as our march and in neighborhoods, as opposed to the usual route. This happened and was a success!

Audit of Occupy Denver. Account for all money and resources that we currently have, where money is currently going, etc. To be completed by January 1, 2012. From that date forward, receipts are to be kept for all financial transactions. Greater transparency with the money and resources of Occupy Denver.

Creating a security committee, effective immediately but recruiting more members. (Unfortunately I erased the video that had the names of the members that night on the committee. I’m really sorry. I can tell you that this was James’s agenda item and we can ask for clarification.) From memory, members included: James, David “Beard,” Corey, myself-Pamela, and Kerri, but there were more.

A massive once-off review of all of Occupy Denver’s committees to take place on January 8, 2012. All committees will present to the GA what they have accomplished and what they are currently working on. The GA members will be able to evaluate their performance and vote to make changes to committees. Some may be abolished due to inactivity, some due to redundancy. Some may need structural changes due to members. Some may be doing an excellent job and will continue as they are. This is a huge event, that will be well-advertised to attract a very large GA. This will be the time to attract people back to the movement, or to allow new members to feel like they can become more involved. This once-off job evaluation will be followed up with the current plan for greater transparency and review of Occupy Denver committees.

Declaring Christmas day Reconstruction Day, but this date already passed and there were too many cops around the park to proceed.

Creating a gender-issues committee, effective immediately but recruiting more members.