12-26-11 General Assembly Notes

December 26, 2011 in Meeting minutes


Admin – Thursday two new committees were formed

Someone mentioned that they didn’t think committee’s were necessary for the functioning of Occupy Denver.

24/7- Wednesday at 5pm there will be an open committee meeting.

An open records request turned up emails to mayor about Occupy Denver, many in support.

Tomorrow (11/27/11) court support at 8am.

Agenda Items

Theme for Saturdays March – The War on Drugs

Using Miguel’s 4-20 permit, our theme will be against the War on Drugs. We will tie it in with the theme that it’s your last day to be Time’s “Person of the Year” for 2011.

Yes14, No 0, Abstention 5

Our traveling guests at Occupy Denver, from Albany, NY and Olympia, Washington + 1 more (location?).

Observations: Groups disperse after winter weather and raids, making different factions between GA people, 24/7 people, etc. We have no process for internal conflict (outside opinion-there’s a procedure).

We’re some of the most fun seen on travels.

Our perseverance and not bowing down to raids was mentioned twice.

Someone is holding a workshop called “Rediscovering the Sovereign” at Castlewood Public Library, Tuesday, December 27, 5-9pm.

Proposal to form an Evacuation/Raid committee

Decided as a sub-committee of the Tactics committee.

Create calling trees for emergencies, especially for people close by with cars to help get belongings. A recon group for high-risk days.

General guidelines for escape route are to go to populated areas, but not the 16th St. Mall (more like Capitol Hill and Colfax), as opposed to the isolated areas surrounding the occupation (near museums, library, etc. that are all empty at night).

Yes 14, No 0, 2 Abstaining

4. A proposal for the occupiers to buy a set of portable speakers to improve morale outside, financed with OD money.

This was tabled until Wednesday. Jo will contact the finance committee to find out about our current funds.

5. A proposal to create a working group to facilitate communication between the PR, Admin, Tech committees and the public. Specific examples included making informational pamphlets for GAs.

This was tabled until after January 8′s committee job review/evaluation, as it was believed to be a possible redundancy. I will get his info to someone so that he may begin working within existing groups on his ideas.

General discussion about discouraging underage kids in CCP overnight.

***We had the cops harass occupiers just hours after this GA, the phone tree (and a phone for 24/7 occupiers to use—with camera) is an emergency need. Occupiers had to walk to someone’s house and knock on their door to get help grabbing belongings and taping the police.***