12/10 Occupy Denver “Workers Rights” March

December 8, 2011 in Event, GA resolutions, Press, Uncategorized

Occupy Denver is theming it’s march this Saturday 12/10 around Worker’s and Union’s Rights, in order to highlight the disparity between the beleaguered majority and the Oligarchic 1%. In the United States, the average CEO has the same salary as over 750 minimum wage workers combined. [1] At Occupy Denver, we find this to be outrageous. As workers and active contributors to society, we stand in solidarity with the workers and Labor Unions of the world, and invite everyone to rally and march with us this Saturday at 12pm in Civic Center Park. We look forward to hearing everyone’s stories decrying the socioeconomic disparity in our working sector.

[1] http://www.aflcio.org/corporatewatch/paywatch/paydisparityratio.cfm