1-21-12 General Assembly Minutes

January 21, 2012 in Meeting minutes


Thank you to everybody who helped make props

Want to form marching committee/artists’ working group—space for props and store supplies permanently
OD Drums call for anyone who would like to help make unifying noise for marches and actions, Someone will be present 0.5 hr beforehand to make noise plan before action all instruments welcome

Tactics Committee meets Mondays at 530 pm at Civic Center

Legal Committee—also looking for new members request to email legal @occupydenver.org

Outreach committee—outreach takes people and fits them in where skills fit in, take people to meetings to discuss ideas to place new members where they can help

Resource development—State of Disunion and Fashion Show—need $ to go to thrift shops for fashion show supplies—reviewed event details for fashion show and fundraiser

Reminder announcement—Identity studies working group—workshop Tuesday at 530 pm—forum for self-evaluation—above City o City above Deerpile space before GA

Also discussing forming a canvassing group—request to collect contact info to form group to canvass on behalf of any committee or other organizational need

Events Committee are reviewing ideas to recruit members and survive winter—Mondays events committee meeting for purpose of reorganizing committee, start from scratch to make everyone welcome.  Events works with all other committees as well. Some issues include what actions to do on Saturdays. Next meeting 5 or 530 at civic center park Monday 1.23.11

Updates on two working groups—Informational Pamphlet Working Group/Communications—the committee was supposed to meet today but many members not present, outreach opportunities, teach in opportunities, upcoming events, GA procedural info all would have been included in pamphlet.  Get involved by emailing general@occupydenver.org.  Most recent copy will be available at next GA Tuesday at 7 pm.

Also legislative working gp—working on direct action, met Friday 1.20 for first time, working on legislation that support occupy goals.  Next meeting Fridays @ 330 pm

Education Committee—starting 1.31 will be teach in series called community activism addressing economic disparity issues for particular communities. Also going to be a series on Thursdays called Occupied Economics. Both occur 530-645 pm in Deerpile space above City o City.  One more Liberation teach in occurring in same space on same schedule.

Events update—March to Wells Fargo 1-24-12, Preceded by teach in. Action related to Wells Fargo’s investments in prisons that are targeting immigrants. Starts at Auraria campus at 11 am until 6 pm. Fliers available.

Occupy the Koch Bros—Wichita, KS—March 3—to protest Koch Bros think tank, money in politics, negative impact on environment, focus on corruption. Action included speakers, music.  Occupy the Koch Bros work group looking at charter bus (need 50 people), proposal to be given Tuesday

Some people planning to go to KS, have requested to know from KS people  if any spaces to stay if went  to KS Friday night

All occupy people invited to DC to occupy for entire month of April—DC is looking for spaces to stay, food also given.  Starts March 30.  Teach ins, etc. will also be occurring, request for ideas to bring to DC.
Denver County Republicans—several of exec committee members are concerned about Occupy the Caucus.

Agenda Items

Proposal from Legal (Kat)—re: Kathleen D. who did not show for court date—proposing that $1100 that was returned to Occupy from previous bail outs—money returned to be available in case it is needed—2 week timeline—if necessary to bondsman

Was bail approved by GA?  DABC doing legal support at time of Kathleen’s bail out—DABC has now stopped providing legal—Kat is the person who put her name on Kat’s bonds

What will happen if we do not raise $? if OD does not get money together, a bounty hunter will be hired ($200 set up, 20% of each bond), someone would then become personally responsible for all following fees

Someone suggests trying to reach out to someone else during next two weeks

Request for money related to someone made on FB approved by GA, also was bailing out in general ever approved, use of admin on FB needs to be approved by GA

Was a time when DABC and OD were working together to raise funds specifically for bailing out

Donations made online  are specified as for  bail or other purposes, some proposals have been made at GA about whether to use general funding for bail

One week from today proposals will be made re: use of funding for bail

Concern expressed re: using money for purposes other than donors’ intended

Money for someone was specifically collected on ground for bail

Money in general is used for purposes as collected

Picture of someone requested

Someone suggests modification—up to $1100 of bail money be given to bail bondsmen to specifically release the bond on Kathleen D.

Currently no one needs bail—3 people in jail than cannot be bonded

If release $1100 whatever does not get put toward someone’s bonds is proposal stating extra $ will be held for other bail/bond

Vote will decide that next Saturday by Legal proposal

What % of money for bail does $1100 represent?

$1100 makes up 100% of current legal funding—are expecting more money back from other bonds in next few weeks

Who will get bailed out or not in future


For: 29

Against: 0

Abstaining: 4