12/9/11 – General Assembly Minutes (7pm)

December 10, 2011 in GA resolutions, Meeting minutes

Events – Finalizing route tomorrow by 11:30, theme is labor, hoping for big numbers, stops due to the theme will different than normal due to the theme, different opions will probably be expressed – we still respect those people. They are trying to get ahold of Nita Gonzales to speak next week.
THe action for 12/12 is still on. It is planned to be peaceful and non violent. This is an international action. We need to be vigilant to not buy into rumors and here say. We will continue and hang in there in the face of that stuff
Next week – in addition to our march there will be an anti capitalist march in Cherry Creek. ELF and DABC are conducting his march.
We will have IWW and JWW (who are doing a rally at the verizon store at 12:15) joining us tomorrow
Offer from someone to contact LULA to join us next week at next weeks march.
24/7 needs tarps still
Outreach – action on Wednesday – a 5th grade class will be doing a field trip to OD from 9:30 until 11.
Monday at 5:30, Gypsy House cafe, O Auraria is flyering. A movie and discussion and Q&A sesion about Occupy Denver will be help.
Statement of Purpose drafting committee meeting will be 6 on Saturday.
OUtside Groups
No Announcements
General Announcements
Announcement of the Film and Video working group. Their intention is to draw in media or aspiring professionals to collect footage and talent for three reasons
- form a film a video committee
- start a 2 minute video on GA and provide brief history on Occuy Denver
- begin to start the process on a full documentary on Occupy Denve to be submitted to the Starz Film FEstival
Terry is leaving for China and will be back in January.

monday event, finance is prepared to bail people out, seeking permision
concerns: is finance going to put out info including phone number and a form containinng informaition to bail people out similar to the form handed out by
only chris is going up to loveland is anybody else coming up that wants to help him out
bonds man /
the priority will be to get as many people out as possible. . . if arbitary, by alphabetial order
if you have a lot of outstanding stuff, don’t do anything to get you arrested
guidlines to stay within the law? Headqaurters on sunday to develope sjuch things?
to be continued during another discusion
Neo has taken ccare to make this event as safe as possible, and will handle this before the event
chris won’t be at the summit, and needs someone to make it, outreach commity guy will be there
conclusion for proposal 1- I purpose that we oen up OD cash for bailing out people on Monday’s event.
If necceary using up all of Occupy’s funds. Should keep at least tw weeks of 24/7′s funds (600 dollars)
agreed, we cannot leave 24/7 out in the cold…. pledge not to use more than 80 percent of our funds, as of last week, 5000 in the acount, 20 percent is about 1000, three weeks of 24/7
one pejrcen for six hundred,
proposal 1 finance proposes that we open up to eighty percent of our budgjet for bailing out people on monda’s event
How do we distribute the eighty percent among everyone who needs bail
two options: put up full bond, or go through bonds man and put up percentage
percentage might bail out more people
option two: bail out all the small ones to bail out the most then ask for donations for the rest
finance to get a liason fror media sites to put up info to get more funds before monday’s event
OD will open up up to eighty percent of it’s budget for bailing out the most possible people for monday’s event..
Proposal passes by eighteen in favor, one opposed. None opposed
Proposal 2 – alot of separate events, but at some point we need to move forwrd to organize a campaign
starting on 12 -13 and going till 1 -31
we have a single campaign towards getting people out here, sympythisers to show up, protesters into comitties and more people onto the side walks
I prupose that during this month and a half this be the main priority of every committy to the point that it is applicable.
comment 1: this would be a great time for all commitys to build relationships
add to that proposal, on top of outreach, we should look at repairing bridges burned
anarchist, thunderdome, colorado street medics. . . compromises and reconsiliation need to happen,
It’s not an appropriate amendmentg
coment: this needs to happen weather or not passed by GA
this proposal can not be enforced, to hard to monitored
Laborers conversation: one way to get people on the street, through laborers picketing
Agreement with mending burnt bridges
there are no Ideas in fox holes, you don’t choose Your back up on weather you like them but by weather they like your cause, we need all the support we can get
Concern about demands, working on a declaration of purpose, saturday at six to work on declaration. . .
founder of tea party supports occupy that once you put out demands, congress play kates you, he says keep it open ended, it keeps the pressure on.
Back to proposal – it is important to focus on building numbers, but not specific enough tasks or articulation for it to be a specific pruposal to be voted on. Re – worded and elaborated
keep in mind that this will go on and on, every idea you come to should be towards that. . . not just about right now, but the idea that this should expand and go on. ….
We pass a lot of proposal as intentions and guidlines which is what proposal 2 is.
we need people now, passing this through the GA shows our committys our intentions.
to address discrepency, some example of conversations, not part of the purposal.
for this month, our legal fees is where we want the money,
the heart of the purposal is that every committee is obligated to have a convo about what they can specifically do to help growth and be able to come to GA with purposals.
often times, in committees you can loose focus. that is what this purposal is, it’s a broad focus of twhat we need to do, to redirect committee work.
If we want this purposal to have actual elivence, saying that eacch committee needs to have a conversation, that would be a great amendment.
Revisit purposal 2
begining on 12-13 and continuing until 1-31, OD has a campaign committe has
as a part of that, every committe and group is obliged to have a formal conversation specifically on the topic of what they can do to increase our numbers, that’s in every specific erea of Occupy Denver, committees, occupyers and protesters.
question: how is this going to be deciminated by interpretation, to committes in particular not in public. . .
requirerment that after conversations within committees bring purposal and aaction steps for fullfilment and help to the GA
admin committe will have to collect a digest from each committe instead of bringing purposal to GA purposal sent to Admin which will bring it to sunday re-cap meetings
occupy denver starting on 12-13 till 1-31 dedicate itself towards a cross committe campaign focused on growth. as a part of that every committee is obliged to have a formal conversation to aid this, sending a report about the conversation to admin to disiminate that information on a sunday re-cap meeting at headquarters at 10:00
move to vote
in favor: 11, one opposed, none abstaining
end of the agenda:
reiterate, any one interested in getting involved with film project, contact pat.

20-50 thousand bails