1-31-12 General Assembly Minutes

January 31, 2012 in Meeting minutes


Food Coalition: Had third meeting, decided to refocus energy into feeding the Occupiers, bringing food to GA’s.  Resources will be used for people who occupy.  Also, two weeks ago, there was a list that supposedly went around collecting names of people who were interested in helping Food, but that list is missing.  So…let’s start a new list.

Outreach: Thinking that it would be good idea to have a kids-centered event at the ice skating rink.  Already have the working group put together, just need OD permission to make it an official event.

Education: Had first teach-in for community activism series; it went extremely well, more of these coming up Tuesdays, 5:30 in this space.  Also, Thursday, Occupy Economics series starting

Legislative working group needs people.

Statewide conference: Saturday, Feb. 18th, from about 9:00  – 6:00, 8 rooms at CU Boulder.  People at GA’s get first chance to RSVP for this (list passed around). Saturday, about 9-6.

OD Drums: Had first meeting/jam session on Saturday, will be doing it again this Saturday at noon.  Encouraging other groups to form around different instruments/vocals.  If you’re interested, bring your instruments!

There is a flyer collective list up on the portal.  It can be found on the inter-committee board chat area.  If you need on the portal, contact somebody.

Identity studies group now has space, 6-8 pm every Wednesday, at the Unitarian Church.

24/7: The committee has been in something of a flux lately.  REALLY need a functional security team on the Row; people are getting mugged at the Occupy. Outside people are mugging homeless on the Row.

Non-Violence: Potluck every first and third Friday, at 7:00 pm at Civic Center

Now DC: Need contacts for other Occupies.

Denver Justice Peace Committee- if interested, talk to someone.

Youth of Urban Poverty working group: Looking for more members.

Reportback from Sunday’s rally in solidarity with Occupy Oakland.  Footage is posted online.

There will be teach-in on sign-making, Saturdays, Feb. 11th and Feb 18th, 10:30 am, Civic Center Park Amphitheater (weather permitting).

Direct Action: Occupy Denver will demonstrate at 11 AM on February 3 at the office of Attorney General Suthers (1525 Sherman St., Denver, CO) to demand payback for crimes committed against homeowners. Attorney General Suthers is involved in the possible settlement between states attorneys general and banks- Colorado has not joined other states in walking away from the table.  11:00, Friday,

Roseanne Bar running for president for Green Party

Trying to get people in Longmont to come to some of the trials of Occupiers arrested. Email someone for more info.

Occupy Oakland needs bail money.

Agenda Items

Foreclosures Working Group: The Foreclosures working group, in conjunction with Colorado Progressive Coalition, has been involved in planning a rally to take place Thursday, February 9th, 10:30 am, in front of the Webb building at 201 W. Colfax.  The purpose is to protest the eviction of homeowners that could have been prevented had the loans been modified, and also to push for CPC’s legislative agenda centered around supporting meaningful protections for Coloradans who have been duped by a corrupt home lending system.  The working group asked for a resolution of support from Occupy Denver for this event.  Yes 34, No 0, Abstention 1

Communication Working Group: Introduced prices of printing for informational pamphlets, from two different local printing companies- SQLZ and P&L. Printing has heretofore been being done on their own budget.  There is a meeting to take place Wednesday, 9:00 am between Admin/P&L Printing.  The working group asked for a $60-monthly allowance to cover printing costs.

There was some discussion/disagreement about whether or not the pamphlets are needed, and also some concerns about agreeing to release the money until we have a firm price from both printing companies.

The proposal was tabled until we have a firm knowledge of the price options, after which the vote to release the funds will come to the GA.

Legal: The Legal Committee proposed the following:

Occupy Denver Legal will open a new bank account in the name of 2 committee members. We will maintain our own account and have a separate donation button on the Occupy Denver website.
Bail Fund

-The occupy Denver legal committee may use finances from the occupy denver legal account for bail/bond without GA approval within the following guidelines.

Arrest must happen at a GA approved protest or act of civil disobedience, including the occupation of civic center park.

Bail is set at no more than $1500.

What does legal support look like

Current and previous charges will not play a factor in our support as long as the previous conditions are met.

Everyone is assumed innocent until proven guilty.

We are committed to organizing adequate legal support for anyone that cannot be bailed out. This includes building campaigns, adding money to commissary, and helping to facilitate any other resources or support that may be needed, limited to our capacity.

Any other cases that do not fit in to the stated criteria will come before GA for consensus, we can allocate money if approved.

There was some concern raised about bailing out anybody with previous and/or pending, as well as particularly egregious, charges; Legal answered that the GA had previously adopted the St. Paul Principles, and also, the bailout limit has been set to $1500 anyway.

There was also some concern about using PayPal, after which Legal suggested amending the proposal so it doesn’t say “Pay Pal” specifically.  There will also be separate links for gifts on the website for bail and for other purposes.

Yes 37, No 1, Abstentions 3

OD Drums: Proposal for posting of their information on the website:
Yes 37, Abstentions 1

State Conference:  Asking that OD help with $200 to conference working group for promotional/refreshments/etc. costs.  Asking some other GA’s to help as well.  CU has volunteered $800 or $900.

Yes 36, Abstentions 3

Peace/Non-Violence: Asks that the following statement be put on the website, and also read aloud before all marches/GA’s/events: “I do hereby resolve to be peaceful and welcoming, transparent and open, respectful and considerate, in every thought and action with everyone, everywhere!  We are Occupy Denver!!”

It was asked who would be reading it, and the response was that Peace/Non-Violence would take that responsibility.

Come concerns were raised about the wording, and it was suggested that we constantly revise it.  As a general practice, it would be good to adopt, even if it’s not 100% realistic (in the events of police violence, harassment by Tea Partiers, etc).

Yes 31, No 4, Abstentions 6

Proposal for approval of the following event to go on website: National day against prisons,
Monday February 20th, 6:30pm, 30th and Peoria, outside the GEO ICE Detention Center.  DABC is bottom-lining it, along with people of Occupy.

It is in response for callout from Occupy Oakland.  NOT specifically against for-profit prisons.

It was decided to table it due to time constraints, as well as some concerns about the wording of the resolution, such as “support of prisoners.”

Occupy the Koch Brothers Working group was tabled due to time constraints.