1/4/12 – General Assembly Minutes (7pm)

January 5, 2012 in GA resolutions, Meeting minutes

Committee Announcements:
Tim (Legal): Legal team has being formed; in process of getting training from Dabc.  Need people- talk to Tim or Patty if interested.
    Roshan: Legal team needs lawyers!
Tim (Relocation): Relocation has identified three potential locations within six blocks: City O’ City, a Santa Fe art gallery, and possibly the Aztlan Theater.  OD is still in need of a dedicated HQ.
Martin (Fundraising): Considering doing a State of Disunion Address on the date of the State of the Union address, which is the 24th at 7:00 pm.
Terese (Education): The Education Committee infrastructure is up and running!  Nick put it on the website.  There is a form to submit if you want to do teach-ins.
(There was then a straw poll taken to determine if the GA wanted the committee members to introduce themselves.  It was voted 15 Yes, 2 No.  Introductions then commenced.)
Outside Group Announcements:
Mayor Hancock is giving a speech at the Auraria campus.  How about a direct action?
Tanner-  There is an art exhibit beginning Friday at 7:00 pm, and they have offered to let us put on an event Thursday.
Roshan- Occupy DU is putting together speakers for the 17th and 18th, professors at DU.  On the 19th, at 5:00 pm, there is to be a student debate on the Movement.
Gary- OD has a show on Denver Open Media, Tuesday at 6:00.  If you have ideas or content, contact Gary.
Occupy the Moment meditations take place Saturdays, 10:30 am, and Wednesdays, 6:30 pm.
General Announcements:
Tim- Global Revolution TV has been invaded.  This is fucked up!
Nick- Doing work on the website.  A website team is beginning to get its act together, but in the meantime, he’s the go-to guy.  First thing needed: committee descriptions- send these to general.  Also send recommendations for the website to general, although there is a limited amount that Nick can implement.
    Roshan- we’re looking for professional web designers.
Jason- What happened to Occupy Boulder?
    Roshan- somebody with the City passed an ordinance clarifying what’s allowed after 11:00- basically, exercise and stargazing.  Occupy Boulder is therefore planning on having a stargazing party nightly at 11:00.
Gary- There is an OD YouTube channel- Film/Video would like the password so they can upload videos.
    Tim- Contact the owner directly through YouTube.
There was then an angry complaint about people smoking during the GA’s.  It was pointed out that a previous GA has decided that you can smoke, but you’re expected to do so outside the circle, or downwind.
Since there were no resolutions submitted, we moved to discussion.  It was voted to begin on a topic proposed by Tanner on SOPA and NDAA:
Tanner is getting involved in direct actions around this issue.  It was decided that it would be good to do things like  banner-dropping.  It was decided that it would make the most sense to do this in high-traffic areas during high-profile times, such as during the next Broncos game.  It was also brought up that we could get a lot of Tea Partiers and civil libertarians on this one.  Jan 17th, as a National Day of Action, would be a good time.  Tanner invited everybody to help plan it, at Friday’s Events Committee meeting at 5:30.
It was then voted to move onto a topic proposed by Wayne: what to do about the lack of signs at the Occupation.  It was discussed that the cops would remove them nightly as “encumbrances,” hence we’d need to get around that.  Roshan brought up that it’d be a great idea for a working group.  Martin offered to supply banner materials, making it big enough that 24/7 could sleep on it.  Jason brought up that we could get somebody who’s occupying on board, since cardboard signs are comfortable!  Roshan and Nick offered to build website support for sign making.The final discussion topic was also brought up by Wayne, who was concerned about the relative smallness of last Saturday’s march, as well as the relative lack of OD visibility.  The general consensus was that it was organized by different groups, it’s the holidays and lots of people are gone, etc. Additionally, it was viewed as a positive thing that we would be willing to join other groups- we don’t have to be “top dog” all the time.  The discussion then changed to a more general one about tactics, with Tim noting that week after week, we do the same thing and it’s only natural that we’d lose people.  Roshan then proposed that this Saturday be a “get involved day.”

After discussion, the final proposal was:
“This Saturday at 12:30 we should hold a non-voting GA to discuss how people would like to get involved.  This will be advertised on the website.”  It PASSED: 16 Yes, 0 No, 2 Abstaining.