1/6/12 – General Assembly Minutes (7pm)

January 7, 2012 in GA resolutions, Meeting minutes

Martin facilitating


- explained hand signals

- calls for committee announcements


Tactics committee announcement:


Pat from Tactics

Boulder is being raided tonight sometime after 11pm. Passed city legislation to say no one can stay overnight. After 11pm, Boulder will go on a mobile dance party / march. If interested, we are assembling rides.


Some questions raised about whether the raid is confirmed.  Raid isn’t confirmed, but it is possible after 11pm that they could get evicted.



Terese from GA Procedures committee:


On Wed. GA, decided that on Saturday at 12:30pm, instead of having a normal march, we will have an open forum, where all the people the normally come to the rallies and marches can talk about stuff related to the future and vision of Occupy Denver and how they can get involved.



Tad from Finance committee


Presenting financial audit

Have setup a credit union account through a cooperative

Money taken in has total $5,525. Majority has gone towards bail with the exception of just under $1,000 that has gone towards a road trip, tshirts and 24/7 budget.


Through our PayPal account, we have had a total of $6,400 donated.  There is about $430 left in the PayPal account. Credit union account has $523.  Of the bail money that we spent, we have received $1100 back in check form Need to decide whether to setup a separate bail fund or put it back into general fund.  Finance committee has helped individuals who want to give to to things related to Occupy Denver, about $4,400 in cash donations, the majority of which has gone towards bail through GA approval. $121 remains in cash from recent donation.


It will be published on the web site, after talking to a lawyer. Tad doesn’t want to take ownership of the cash, as it was never his.



Kerri from Gender issues committee is having a meeting around 3pm on Sunday afternoon.  Would like people from tactics, outreach and declaration of purpose to be at it.


Liberty says there is a meeting at 2:30pm for about 6 hours that is about the future of the Occupy Denver movement. It might overlap with Gender issues meeting.


Kerri will postpone until Monday or Tuesday so as not to conflict.



Proposal of Film and Video Committee

Proposal for two minute video about GA procedures


Those two items put on the agenda.



There is a pamphlet being created that will help with transparency and general information.  The first copy will hopefully be provided for the High Dive event on January 10.



Liberty wanted to give more information about the meeting on Sunday. It is at 2:30pm at 12th and Santa Fe, inside where we have electricity and lights. She is accepting agenda items for that meeting. The theme is the future of the Occupy Denver movement. So if you have anything pertaining to that topic, please see her or email general@occupydenver.org





Proposal for the creation of Occupy Denver film and video committee:







- mention of full agreement and support for proposal


- Kerri says that media / pr already has that responsibility and it would need to be removed or shared. We agreed to get someone a smartphone service to help 24/7.


Reply says that this won’t take anything from the other committees, but instead will help other committees and work closely with others.


Liberty says that currently the responsibilities that the fi;hand video committee are not being covered by pr/media. they are very similar, but basicallythis si creating content and pr/media will use that content.


Motion to vote, seconded. Vote 16 yes, 0 opposed, 0 abstain


Motion passes



Proposal for the film and video committee to create a two minute web video about GA procedures




No current cast or outline of video, but it can be done for no cost by the committee.


This is something that GA procedures has talked about, and Terese is excited about this and wants to help film and video.


Motion to vote and seconded: 15 yes, 0 opposed, 1 abstain.


Motion passes




Terese says we need to decide what to do about tuesdays and thursdays. They are called get involved nights, because we do not need to vote 5 or 7 days a week.  Tue/Thu intended for other participation from everyone in Occupy Denver and all the relevant issues.  On that note, she is proposing that this Tueday and Thursday, we use those get involved nights to do teach ins. Education opportunities, one of those nights would be a teach in on economic issues, led by an economic professor from UCD. The other night would be a teach in on participatory Democracy led by a professor at DU who is an expert on these issues. Her proposal would be to use the upstairs space at Studio city for these teach ins. Just this week. Studio city likes us. They have offered that we can use that space. More discussion will be had about this soon. They are offering it to us for a longer period of time, but for just this week, use that space at studio city to do those two teach ins during the get involved night time.


Only one of the professors has committed.


Internal core working group voiced support and says this is the direction things should be moving in.


Studio city is at 13th and grant.


motion to vote, seconded: 13 yes, 0 no, 0 abstain


motion passes



Kerri proposes that we recognize “Billy’s gangsta.”


No one outside of OD will get it, inside OD will be hilarious.


Anthony speaks in support


Terese agrees this is a proposal that we have been talking about and she is a fan of.  Terese wants someone to bottom line writing an awesome statement about it. Anthony agrees to do it.


Matt asks for clarification about what this is all about.


Kerri explains Billy is a drunk who hangs out here and he is crazy and cool.  He used to run around yelling “respect my gangsta.” He has felt marginalized as a guy on the street and would appreciate it.


Someone else mentions that only 24/7 committee will get it.


motion to vote, seconded: 13 yes, 0 opposed, 6 abstain.


motion passes


GA officially respects Billy’s gangsta.



Proposal to get light sabers, with green and blue ones. And then offer the red ones to the police when they come.  Record it and put it on the web site.




- in support of idea or for a future march. No fake guns. Little kids and parents will like this. Police won’t want to fight us with light sabers, but it is funny

- as a point of process, Terese thinks the best way to make that happen is to talk to tactics and make it happen.

- storing them will be too complicated, better for march.


- proposal tabled and to be taken to tactics / events



Pat announces that right after GA, tactics committee will meet about Boulder eviction.


Motion to adjourn seconded with no opposed.