1st ever ‘Get Involved Night’ notes

November 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

1st Get Involved Night at GA

New structure for Ga’s: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Get Involved Nights: Tuesday, Thursday

General Announcements

Matt from Administration Committee:
-If you are a committee and you haven’t filled out the committee questionnaire, your committee needs to fill this out.
-Email Administration with this=>we needed this two weeks ago

Kylie from Administration committee:
-If you’re on a committee please give us suggestions about what you want us to discuss with other occupies for the Occutrip we are going on.
-Email admin with your suggestions

Friend of Teamsters Union Local 455
-This union is meeting right now to discuss how they can help us out.

Cory from 24/7
-3:00 GA’s will be held in the governors office
-Trying to move back across the street
-Dec 12 action to block Walmart distribution centers

Jason/Ben from 24/7 and Events committee
-This week the theme of the march is the housing crisis
-Because of this, We are going forward with the Occupy The Night event on Saturday after the march
-There will be an Urban Camping Teach in at 4:00 this Saturday
-Street medics and Family of Love will be there to help facilitate
-Security will be heightened
-Trying to confront the perception of “Bums On Broadway”
-We need Other Committee Help

COFFEE!!! Please bring coffee down all day long

Nathan Non-violence Committee
- If you want to get involved in this committee, let us know.
- Get in touch with him if you have any questions/want to get involved

Terry Events Committee
-Parade of lights still needs researching
-Events committee meeting on Wednesday at 5:30
-Terry is also testifying in Federal Court on Monday morning, more details forthcoming

Jimmy GA Procedures Committee
-Please if you are on a committee, fill out the questionnaire.
-We are also asking for weekly digests from committees, due every friday
-Events and outreach need more people
-Send links, pics, jokes stories, movies, etc to HYPERLINK “mailto:general@occupydenver.org”general@occupydenver.org
-To learn the new network, and do a web training see to Jimmy to meet with Blair from Tech Committee

Matt Admin Committee
-If you are going to be sending information to the HYPERLINK “mailto:general@occupydenver.org”general@occupydenver.org email, please make sure emails are professional: your name, subject, why this is important
-If your committee can have their committee digests turned in by Friday, that will make Sunday’s Committee summits that much better.

General Announcements:

Catherine from Family of Love, 24/7
-Saturday Drum Circle at 7:00pm
-Bring drums, instruments, etc.

-Big Things
-Anti-rally from Shawn Mitchell, Tea Party Folks, and an organization called Free Market Free Minds or something.
-Also, Two farmers from Durango are involved in intense situations regarding Fracking. We should definitely keep up to date on this, and be in the now about this to help these people out.

-The anti-rally is having a can-food drive during their rally. We should bring canned-foods to help them out.
-Also, we should reach out to them and try to make friends