2-14-12 General Assembly Minutes

February 14, 2012 in Meeting minutes


Friday from 4-8pm, gardening and food justice is meeting. If there is a place for growing seedlings, please contact them. 1232 Race St. it’s a potluck.

Film and Video – if a working group or committee has an upcoming event they want covered, send an email to filmandvideo@occupydenver.org. If you would like to make a promotional video for your committee, you can also contact them.

Education Committee – teach in next tuesday 5:30-6:45 that is an indigenous panel at city o’ city deer pile. thursday the 23rd, the nonviolence committee is doing a roundtable. This thursday, in a couple days, there will be a difference teach-in than previously expected, if it comes through.

Film and Video asking if anyone knows a live streamer interested in joining the committee.
Question: When will our GA be live streamed? Answer: When we have people to do it.

This Saturday is the Colorado Assembly in Boulder — an assembly of all Occupies in the state. 9:30am-6pm on the Boulder campus.

Someone is organizing a ride from the park at 8:30am. An occupation may take place in Boulder that night.

Check out the Occupy Boston web site today, they have some nice stuff up for Valentine’s Day.

On February 20, there is a rally for prisoners at 30th and Peoria

The Art of Social Justice conference on Auraria campus in April 10-13. Occupy is an area of discussion. They may still be looking for panelists, so talk to  someone if you would like to participate.

The Sunday after this one, An ex-black panther, will be doing a presentation at 5pm at 1533 E 30th St. Everyone is welcome. Someone asks for the info to be sent to educate@occupydenver.org to possibly be posted as a teach-in.

Brief summary of our occupation of the democratic fundraiser last Saturday.

Agenda Items

1. March 3 solidarity action to protest Newmont Mining
2. Finance discussion about financing and earmarking
3. May 1 General Strike Occupy Denver statement has been drafted and a rough draft will be discussed

March 3 Solidarity

People are protesting Newmont because they are a notorious corporation that has assassinated union leaders, poisoned water, and paid off politicians. They are the biggest gold mining company in the world. There have been many protests against them here in the past. This is a big opportunity to bring people from the migrant and indigenous populations into the movement and get these voices speaking together. Because Newmont is a narrow issue, we wanted to protest global corporate corruption, with a focus on Newmont.

Are they based in Denver? Yes, they used to be on 16th St. Mall, and now in tech center.

What we want to do is walk down the mall as we have in the past, but end at Christopher Columbus statue, which is symbolic of oppression in general.  People on the events committee are already working on this working group event.

Important to do activities with other local organizations as we work up to the General Strike on May 1.

Every year on May Day, there are migrant marches and it would be great to get those people together with the things Occupy is doing.

Occupy DU just had a GA last night where they discussed at length how Newmont gives a lot of money to the school and the school is going to give them an award. They already want to do an action against Newmont. DU can go there with free light rail passes and march from light rail to Newmont. They will also raise awareness on the campus and would appreciate any information we have on Newmont to share with people.

A showing is going to take place on a couple of videos about Newmont. Flyers for March 3 action have already been drafted. Send that information to educate@occupydenver.org

Proposal is for Occupy Denver to endorse an event to protest corporate greed and abuse globally, with a focus on Newmont and in solidarity with the people of Peru. A blurb will be put on the web site for March 3 at noon, starting at Civic Center Park and then marching through 16th St Mall.

No 0, Abstentions 2, Yes 29

Finance Earmarking Issue:

[Include proposal as written and passed around]

- What if one committee has a lot and another has no money? Answer: GA has ultimate control
- Concerns about point 5 and GA control over funds…
- What happens if a committee has a specific fundraiser for an event they want to carry out?
- Individual donations have to be individually earmarked, and convince everyone to write a note.

- Put a little more emphasis on receipts for expenditures and that a risk exists to not be reimbursed without them.

No 0, Abstentions, Yes 30

May 1 General Strike Draft Discussion

Some points that will be included:
- Occupy Denver calls for general strike on May 1, a day for workers to strike for a better world
- Stand up against the 1% and say we the people who make society run
- We, the workers, make the world go round.
- Address why it matters to the workers’ needs
- In a time of underemployed, we are working for less and 1% bonuses are getting bigger
- People are being deported or denied work due to the color of their skin.
- Highlight our strength for diversity
- Then show historical examples from different groups
- Show what previous groups have done
- Then how it ties into occupy

- Show society how necessarily labor is, and what happens if we stop working and take to the streets
- When unions are being stripped of rights, important for labor to come out and fight back
- It’s an ongoing struggle globally and how it ties in with illegal immigrants

- Question: why focus on immigrants rights instead of just all workers? Answer: immigrants have taken up May 1 in the US…

- May Day encompasses everyone in the working class. Important to talk about the different groups…

So these items will go into proposal: vote: No 0, Abstentions 6, Yes 28
Proposal to modify procedure and vote in final approval of statement, vote: No 0, Abstentions 4, Yes 26

Issue with Money Released for Tickets from Loveland Action

A vote was taken by a GA that Occupy Denver would pay about $800 for tickets from the loveland action.

Proposal: A bond will be returned that can cover the costs. If that happens, then we can allocate enough of that money to cover these tickets by February 20. If not, we will pull the money from the general fund as much as possible and split it amongst the tickets.

No 0, Abstention 5, Yes 28

Final Announcements

A lot of municipalities are trying to fight through their own governments to stop fracking. Are we doing anything to reach out and support people who are trying to stop fracking.

Earth Day talks are in the work to stop fracking

There is also an anti-fracking campaign in Boulder on Saturday at the Colorado Occupy Assembly.

Tactics meeting on Thursday, at 5:30pm downstairs in City O’ City about Prisoner march.

Another teach-in happening tomorrow at Unitarian Church: What is love?

Someone is trying to get a pool of canvassers to talk to neighbors door to door.

Administrative Committee is looking for new people to join our committee. You have to be nominated and then ratified by the GA.