2-28-12 General Assembly Minutes

February 28, 2012 in Meeting minutes


Education Thursday is a teach in what is the 99% what is the 1% – class conflict

Dec. of Purpose Had a drafting session last Friday, Friday 10 until dawn please come and join in on the discussion, please get with someone

Events Anti-ALEC tour of Denver, meet at 3pm, march through downtown denver, stopping at major ALEC corporations, 70 other occupies are taking part in this day nationwide

OD Drums got together on Saturday, meeting again this Saturday at 11:30, Civic Center Park

Film and Video looking for livestreamers, need more organizers for committee

Decolonizing Consciousness meeting tomorrow at the Unitarian Church, 6-8, 14th and Lafayette

Legion of Revolutionary Minds had first meeting yesterday, a group whose purpose is to study art, culture, philosophy, please sign up via e-mail, meeting on Mondays and will have smaller ones around GA’s and Spokes Meetings as well as weekends

Events We have the March 3rd protest at noon, AIM, Global Equality, meeting at CCP at noon, then marching around downtown.

Finance we have about $700 in the bank

Occupy London was evicted (for the first time) discussion on sending them support since we have been evicted over 5 times

FTP March police were using advanced tactics, wants to start battlefield tactics committee, to know counter tactics, and do self defense
We already have a tactics committee
This will be different and everyday
There is nothing wrong with having multiple committees do relatively the same thing

A show was done for plants and animals this Saturday, they are working on a public park behind City O City Occupy supporters, would like to work with us, possibly planting food/garden

Study Group, History of Revolution and Movements, Sundays at 4pm, potluck at 7pm

Bail has been posted for all of the FTP arrests

A group is starting called Denver Court Watch Solidarity keeping track of cases, jail support, this is a citywide issue, beyond Occupy, Contact catherine52182@gmail.com

Occupy DU having a corporate personhood/big money in politics, Thursday on the DU Campus, visit occupydenver.org

Street Team action this Friday, chalk art on 16th street mall, chalk donations are needed, leaving about noon

Boston Occupy UMASS has 23 days of Occupation, Harvard is about a month in, Start occupying your CAMPUS

Endorsing Justice Reform during the people’s assembly in Boulder a break out session occurred, 3 focus of interest were formed, prison privatization, identify companies that invest in prisons, identify and contact attorney’s that do pro bono work, identify laws affecting the Occupy Movement, start a court watch and a cop watch program

Someone is considering going to the National Assembly

Someone is starting a Merchandise Group

Agenda Items

Why I Occupy site on the official website, to include written stories and videos
Someone, wants to start a story project, would like to collect stories as to why we are occupying, would like to have a webpage, either on the .org or the Occupy the Press site (working with Outreach)
Contact: jochanaan@zcoud.net

suggestion to contact general@occupydenver.org to get an e-mail address set up (possibly stories@occupydenver.org

Tabled this does not need to be approved by GA as long as a working group is formed, a committee webpage can be created

Increase Censorship Policy for OD Facebook Page or page will be deleted.

Giving Admins the ability to keep an eye out for excessive ad hominenm attacks on Occupy Denver’s  own comments threads on their own posts

Given the ability to issue warnings and if warnings are not followed, ban them

Not a mechanism to silence dissent, or a tool of censorship but to increase the usability of using Facebook as a tool

Problem: Facebook Page is out of control a proposal on increased administration. It is one big conversation about Occupy Denver. The conversation has dwindled down over time to become very negative towards Occupy. Has become a very strong dissension tool.

Suggestion -Set up ground rules, like No ad hominine attacks

Request for rules of logic

Wendy offered help with coming up with tactics like relentless information

Concerns with censorship

This doesn’t mean that ideas will get silences, but that the tactics of sharing information will be changed

The Facebook has 5 admins

Admins typically is to come from an informational standpoint of neutrality, but do not post as Occupy with their own opinions, sometimes they log in as themselves to reply to posts

Occupy Charlston as an emergency tactic they censored comments, they were deleted, then they got back on FB and that tactic backfired

Some people just don’t know how to communicate properly

If we delete them there will be recourse, they will just pop back up

Challenging them was encouraged but concern for the amount of Admins that we would need to do that
Do not descend to their level, we can do better than that.

Our Facebook page is very popular.

We should make a distinction between ad hominem and criticisms (ad hominem not allow, criticisms allowed)

Suggestion of tabling this and coming back with a firm process

There is not a specific set of things that need to be the basis for action, it is practically infinite
Suggestion that people just ignore comments that they disagree with they do not affect the actual occupation

Facebook, twitter, etc. are propaganda tools, we need to remember their purpose

These powers are using facebook against us

There are many disgruntled occupies out there

Negative, bitter, posts should not be allowed

The propaganda tools are being used against us

This is what people learn about Occupy Denver, this is what they see when they come to look for information about Occupy Denver

These posters are not in solidarity with us fuck them

Only Governments censor

The space on facebook is ours, we have the right that people follow the rules of decorum on this board
We need to trust each other, these are our brothers and sisters, we need to give our Admins more power
Facebook could be a very valuable tool where we should be able to exchange ideas with each other
Suggestion that it is better to address them than to delete them

Ignore or Address them do not delete them

Deleting was just an option, warning should come first, then banning would occur

Silence is the worst response, also banning is a bad response

Maybe there is not a solution

The trolls will not go away they have been around since the advent of forums

TOS facebook has them, admins can utilize facebook police the trolls

No 9, Abstentions 13, Yes 19

Proposal passes but several people walk out in disgust.

Add Wendy Marlow to the Finance Committee

She would like to volunteer for this position, she likes math, likes accounting, like taxes, owned her own business, did all of the finances for that, currently she manages big money accounts, likes open full disclosure and transparency

Qualified, experienced, we should utilized people to their full potential, finance does need to be ratified by GA vote

Yes 31, No 1, Abstentions 2

Occupy London was evicted for the first time. Proposal that we should show them solidarity and offer advice by sending a formal letter, request for Committee of Correspondence to bottom line the letter, and then we will post it on our website

Point of information they have been evicted of sorts, but they have had to move camp around to private property

Suggestion that the row write the letter since they are always the most effected by evictions
Even though they have been labeled a terrorist organization and they still Occupy, they deserve our support

Committee of Correspondence could be utilized  – CoC agreed to get Occupy London’s contact information and send a letter to Occupy London’s GA

Yes 36, No 0, Abstentions 0

There is a 99% working group, this is a for profit group, they have made a call out for a National Convention in Philadelphia on July 4th, there has been a call for delegates.
Both Occupy Philly and Occupy Wall Street have put out denouncements of this event
The individual that started this group has trademarked the term National Convention

This goes against the principles of Occupy support for denouncing the event
Why aren’t these groups using the word Occupy anymore but still using the term the 99%
Politicians and other groups are trying to separate from Occupy due to more radical actions like Oakland

Suggestion that we just make a note of clarification instead of a full denouncement
The suggestion is to elect two delegates for each occupation and then those delegate draw up and present a list of grievances

There is a lot of critique of Occupy for not having a list of demands

Tabled the Press working group will work on writing up a draft and will bring it back to a future GA

Formation of a formal Military Tactics Group that would train everyday, analyze the police techniques,
The police are using leap frog tactics, military tactics
We have a tactics committee, they meet several times a week
There is going to be resistance to using some tactics
Black Bloc

The proposal was tabled