2-9-12 Spokes Council Minutes

February 9, 2012 in Meeting minutes


Wednesdays Identity Studies weekly teachins

Washington DC needs teachins; conference calls on Sundays nowdc.org

Immigration Issues teachin next Tuesday, Glen Morris after that

Events meet at 4pm for this Saturday’s event

Losing Deer Pile Space March 1st, we can discuss going further with the owner

Tactics meeting 6pm Friday

Occupy DU wants people

Admin committee needs people

Interoccupy wants a liazon committee from OD

Saturday, Colorado Occupy event in Boulder February 18, ride share at 8.30pm, it might be an all night event!

Wells Fargo: We are documenting people leaving the bank. Couple will be filmed doing this.

Agenda Items
A Widening Gyer
Publication on kickstarter
This is for funding SQGLZ which will give some of it to a printing fund for OD
The project needs funding right now; even 1$ helps with the campaign.  go to kickstarter and help now!
It needs editing and content, but mostly money- — backers on kickstarter
This is good, we need a budget for printing
Should this go to GA?
No time.
Can it go on the website?  No time for GA.
Where does the 1500 go?  Lots goes to paying for OD stuff.
Can’t go on website but Facebook would be fine.

May Day

IWW has a committee for May Day
Maybe General Strike, maybe not
Calling for people to organize little local events at schools and what not
Is a call out for lots of actions to take place
Feb 25 meeting for organizing at 5pm at El Centro Humanitario
They want OD to support this call to action
6.30 every Tuesday IWW has a meeting- all are welcome
Industrial Workers of the World.  non-herarchical union
Should we indorse this?
This could be a lot of work
Could we coordinate all of the various actions and marches?  Is it realistic?
2006 the immigrant community put on a great strike on May Day.
There’s a flier in English and Spanish
Someone will go to a Tuesday meeting
OD is too small to call for a major strike.  How can we pull off a major strike?
Answer.  lots of work.  house to house.  face to face.
Someone loves it, but nervous about size.
And, is there are specific message/target.  a unified goal?
Answer: go to the meeting.  we will talk about that stuff.
We want to have signs soon for the day.
Several Occupies have already put out calls for strike
Someone is working on a strike
OD is already talking about May Day.  We’ve got a working group on it forming bottom lined by someone.
2727 w 27th ave for the 25th meeting.
Whats the difference between the meetings
Tuesdays are IWW general strike meetings
25th is a call out for a larger meeting with outsiders.  All are very welcome.
Bead and Roses Cultural Center is affiliated
Lets have lots of roses!
Lets talk about it Saturday at GA, and start now with making contacts and working with the May Day working group and do research on past May Days

Some city councilmen and state senators, are offering o help with lobbying, and PR
Someone knows of three local politicians that want to help
We need to work with these folks.  We need a group working of lobbying and forming laws.
One of them wants to do a teach in on legislation
How are we going to decide on who talks o these people
Someone knows someone else who want to give a similar teachin
There are already two Colorado Occupies working on fighting the military detaining Americans
The legislative working group has 14 members.  They should be involved
What would happen at these meetings
They asked what we wanted to work on.  OD said they wanted to be able assemble indefinitely in a park.  can this be legal?
Lets get into legislation.
Deciding on representatives is important.
How bout tents?
Yes, it was bought up.  But lets go slow.
We want there support.  And we want advise.
This didn’t come from us going to them.  It came to one of them looking for more info, on the issues.
Remember, that the amount we can change things within the system is limited.
We need to use many representatives, not just a few.  should rotate.
We should start with a teach in.
Don’t let politicians into our GAs.
Teach ins: must b nonpartisan, but politicians are allowed.
Regarding rotating reps: They don’t like that. They want to build lasting relationships.
This is a bad idea.  They want to take us.
Someone agrees..
Its just a teach in, lets do it.
Meeting for leg meetings: Saturdays
Occupy the Bar
Oaklands no better for what they did. Do we want to take Civic Center Park?  Lincoln Park?  a building?
Lincoln is legal with permit
This is supposed to be radical.
Table it.

Internet stuff
We are still having problems getting things on the site.  How do we get stuff on the site?  How bout the minutes?  communication.
Sorry, I thought someone was doing it.  I don’t want to do it, but I’ll do it for now.
This was a problem because web was supposed to do development, not daily maintenance. Its a prob.  Press was supposed to do it.  Web needs help.  The job is too big.  We need more press people.
Someone will do this for now.
Lest make it the responsibility of who ever brings a proposal to contact press/it/web to get it up.
We need to make it clear which it email is for what.
Web needs to create a system for this.
To get things on the site— write it yourself!!!
New website goes public next week.
Maybe GAP should be involved.
We need a bigger web team