2/21: Teach-In – Student Activism

February 21, 2013 in Teach-In

When: Thursday, February 21st, 5:30-7pm
Where: @ the Deer Pile (13th and Sherman – above City O City – 206 E 13th Ave)

As media pundits, former participants, and observers continue to proclaim that the Occupy Movement is dead, a new generation of youth and student activists catalyzed and politicized by their experiences in the Occupy movement is building momentum. Following the wave of movement energy that rippled in 2011-12 from Tunisia to Egypt to Spain and the US, the Quebec Student Strikes grew into the Maple Spring – an anti-austerity movement spearheaded by the Quebec Student Union’s bold call for a province-wide university student strike in response to the Quebec government’s new 75% tuition hike. The success of the Quebec Student Movement inspired many American students and young Occupy supporters to begin organizing toward their own educational movement, and that organizing manifested concretely for the first time with the National Student Power Convergence of August 2012 in Columbus, OH. Since then, American student activism has been undergoing an important shift that has the potential to fundamentally alter the face of one of the most stalwart pillars of the status quo – the education system.

Join us for a teach in facilitated by Roshan Bliss, one of the student organizers of the Colorado Student Power Alliance and a long-time Occupy Denver participant for a discussion about the current state of the US student movement and its potentials to impact the education reform debate, the debt economy, and the future of our society.

Contact educate@occupydenver.org for more information