2/23 1000 Days Too Many – Free Bradley Manning Rally

February 15, 2013 in Uncategorized

When: Feb 23rd 12-3:30pm
Where: State Capitol 200 East Colfax
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Exposing war crimes is a duty, not a crime!
Feb 23rd marks 1000 days that Bradley Manning has been in prison without a trial for doing the right thing and exposing war crimes against innocent civiliansCome together with us in downtown Denver to show that “We the people” will not stand for this extreme injustice. This will be a fun informative family friendly event. All inclusive, open to everyone who believes in peace and truth.

Visit bradleymanning.org to see the event page and learn more about this heroic whistle-blower and click here to see the infamous “Collateral Murder” video that he exposed.

Show support by adding your photosignature to the i am bradley manning project iam.bradleymanning.org