2/7: Disability Teach-In – Moved to Pablo’s Coffee (13th and Pennsylvania)

February 4, 2013 in Teach-In

When: Thursday, February 7th, 5:30-6:45pm
Where: Pablo’s Coffee (13th and Pennsylvania)

We often talk about privilege in regards to race and culture. However, do we look at ability privilege? In this class we will look at the condition of the disability community. The following topics will be examined. The topics are but are not limited to: defining disability, educating the disabled student, the economic pit falls of being a disabled person, the different cultural groups of the disability community’s, Job rates worth in physical disabled communities, the organizations that are for the benefit of these disability’s, and how to create change with in these disabled communities.

This class will predominatly highlight the blind and or visually disabled community and or physical disabilities. We will also look at the tug of war that will go on in the different disabled communities.

Lead by Fredarika Banks
I am a local citizen of Denver Colorado. I have just graduated with my masters of arts in education which includes curriculum and instructional leadership from Argosy University. I gained my bachelors in liberal arts with a miner in secondary education from Regis University School for professional studies. I have volunteered with the urban servant core where I was posted at Disability Center for Independent Living. I have also done English as a second language in sing Barry tie land through global Service Corpse. I also taught at a language camped in Austin Minnesota. I have always cared about social justice issues as well as education and advancement of the underdog. I also care about global issues.