3-13-12 General Assembly Minutes

March 13, 2012 in Meeting minutes


28th talk on Politics of Consciousness

Press release was put out regarding Scabies incident and has been referenced by the Huffington Post.

This Thursday at the Deer House Space is a non-violence teach in

Tuesday, teach in 5:30 Deer House space teach in on Gay Issues.

March on March 24th proceeded by peace and non-violence teach in  at 11AM then March (12PM) proceeds to DPD administration building to address police oppression.  There will be speakers. OD Drums will be warming up at 11

Legal is encouraging people not to talk about the cases/arrest that occurred last night. One of the arrestees is facing a charge of a mandatory 3 years. Case is very sensitive. Be notably careful of what is said on social networks.

Peace and Non-violence committee statement.

There is interest in people of color having a discussion to include more people of color in the movement.  Those interested speak to somebody about becoming a part of the Caucus.

Citizens’ Oversight Board meeting is March 22nd at 7pm at 2945 Federal Blvd.  COB is a board that exists to address things like police misconduct. Occupiers should come to share their stories of how DPD has treated them in a non-disruptive way

We are in the process of scheduling a panel discussion on Occupy Denver at the Unitarian Church on 14th and Lafayette on April 15th at 1p.m.

Thanks giving to all that attended the Suncor event last Saturday. Desire exists to start a working group specifically on environmental issues. If anyone has ideas for teach ins specifically related to the environment\sustainability\animal welfare

Months of April and May going to be holding a series of teach ins and looking to create ideas for Direct Actions.

A request came from numerous attendees/teachers of the Disabled Teach In that was held today imploring OD to make things more accessible as they want to be involved.
Request for GA to continue being held at park.

There will be a free event on March 17th this Saturday. ST. Patty’s Day Event: A “human be in” (a platform to attempt to create a temporary free autonomous zone for  think tanking).  The event will be at Commons Park from 3pm to dusk.

Agenda Items
Bail for Arrests – Proposal from Legal Committee
Last night there were 3 arrests.  2 of the arrest are still in jail; the third arrest was was bonded this morning.  The charges are aggravated assault of an officer, bond is 10k.  There is  a bail bonds person that will allow release for 1k and no collateral. Another bond is 5k, the charge is assault of an officer.
From Legal’s understanding, probably will not be bondable because of a felony probation violation.

The DA made a special appearance to request that bond be raised from the original 5k it was set at.

Someone was present, and assures the charges are fabricated.

It is believed that there are 600 dollars still within the legal fund.  Process requires any bonds that are over 1k be brought to GA for deliberation.  A request is being made to be released but in remembrance that there are still 1000s to coming back from bonds that have cleared.
Request is for access to the 600 dollars.


A.  Thunderdome: Fed a lot of people here at the park. Thunderdome tries really hard to take care of everybody, and politics should be kept out of the decision because they (TDome) are the friends of Occupy Denver.

Arrested was one of the frontrunners of this occupation from the get go, should be supported.
It is money earmarked for legal support, so we should use it.

I was among the people here last night. I completely agree that the charges are complete bullshit.  And I’m wondering if they are taking this to trial and when are trial dates.

We won’t know their court dates until they are bonded.   Initial court date at 10a.m. tomorrow, next day is unknown.

I’ve posted bond for someone in the past and he’s always shown up. The bond will be in someones name.  In my opinion that does not make Occupy Denver responsible for the 10k bond.

If something were to happen, someone depends on the OD community (and others) and their confident that it would be resolved without financial obligation from OD.

Cops are completely screwing with us.  I no longer have my sim card which has a record of what happened. On the phone is video of police stealing phone, giving out police names and badge numbers.  Charges are all bull. Police either stole or still hold the sim Card that has the video of the incident.

Marie- Are witness statements desired and where should one go to give them?

Witness’s should contact a civil rights lawyer whom is currently filing a law suit first thing in the morning for DPD stealing someone’s phone.  To get his contact info speak with somebody.  Lawyers are requesting you either call or email them. (aforementioned people have contact info)
Legal is requesting that statements DO NOT go out to general media of any sort unless one would like to talk to the legal team, the lawyers working on the case, and ACLU and the NLG first.

Yes 47, No 0, Abstentions 2

9/10 Consensus
Proposal comes from GA procedures committee.

Proposal is that to move to using a 9/10ths super majority to all future proposals, including this one. This will ensure decisions are supported by the majority involved and move people to more seriously consider other voices. Also includes the addition of “blocks” that will hold up votes because a participant feels a vote will violate fundamental principles of the movement.  When 9/10ths majority is not a whole number, we will round up to next whole number if .5 or more, and down if less than .5 (Full proposal details available soon on the website.)

Has the committee considered the time element in accomplishing things in this manner?

It is true that in a sense that getting more people to agree may require more time and discussion.  For the past the 3 or 4 months, almost all proposals have been passed by almost a full majority.  The times that haven’t happened have been during times of high contention.  So yes, it may take more time, but that’s something that I myself personally am willing to suffer through for the sake of the other benefit.

I want to speak in favor of the 9/10ths vote. Have been to other occupies where this system has worked.

I completely support this proposal, it makes sense to get as much approval as possible for what is being done.

I would like to speak in favor of this proposal because the more cohesive we are as an Occupy, hopefully that will mean the more things that get accomplished.  And if we stick to the 2/3rds were isolating 1/3rd of people that might have  a more legitimate idea.

How did the committee come up with the 9/10ths rather than something in between it and 2/3rds

We came up with 9/10ths as OWS and other occupies have been using it since the beginning.

In a situation where two of us vote, and one of us abstain, that vote passes; which is faulty.

What makes up 9/10ths does not include abstentions or people that are just floating around.  It only includes those that accept or reject the proposal.

Would like to add on to that, in regard to abstentions.  In the event 3/4ths abstain and only a small portion vote.  While there isn’t a concrete number, if there are too many abstaining, then a note should be made that the issue may need to be revisited.  While that isn’t a hard procedure……

The likely of having 90% abstentions is very remote, so I wouldn’t worry about it.

There’s a lot of room for conversation about how we vote.  The proposal probably isn’t perfect, but it’s better than what we are doing now.

I’ve noticed that most votes have passed by 9/10th majorities, last I can recall that did not was the issue of moderation on the facebook page.  This could have kept the conversation on such going.

For abstentions could we add to this proposal that abstentions be no more than 50%

GAP as a group, made up this proposal, I’m speaking as an individual from GAP, and I think personally that’s a great idea.

As a member of GAP, I also think that’s a pretty straight forward and good idea.

Vote: 9/10 Consensus with Block Initiative

Yes 35, No 0, Abstentions 0

Marvin Booker Plaza
Proposal to get permission from GA to speak with family of Marvin Booker to see if they like the idea of renaming the park Marvin Booker memorial park and being in on an official declaration of the renaming.

I like the idea of reaching out to his family first.  Because Marvin was homeless and then killed by DPD, but would like to make it noted that many people have been killed wrongfully by DPD.  So the why’s of why we use Marvin Booker rather than someone else should be considered.

He was a very highly profile case, there’s full video of his murder in the jail available on line.  It’s something that the family of Marvin Booker and many other organizations have done work around.  His message resonates with me, if you ever see any of his speeches or the things he did prior to murder, he said numerous very powerful things.

I would like to know if the family of Marvin Booker doesn’t allow us to use his name, would we say something along the lines of “we hereby dedicate this park to the victims of police brutality?”

Not a bad idea, but not sure of what to do in such an event.

This would be extremely important to  people that haven’t just suffered police brutality, but also to the people of this park.

Is contact with his family current?

People involved with the march on the 24th do have that information.

We can get his contact info, we just need someone that’s willing to speak with them.

It would make sense to look at a lot of different options, but people already on ground are already calling it Marvin Booker Plaza.  Think it’s a good idea to clear it with his family first none the less.

If you get a no from the family can the issue be tabled until we discuss other options?
(idea is seconded)


Legal situation- Were having some issues, it hasn’t been 24hrs since we pulled money out of the account, so we can’t pull anything out right now.  But there is  a bonds person that I’m meeting with at 9p.m.

Someone will be departing to go deal with this issue.

Occupy Denver will hopefully refund the people lending money in the mean time.

*hat passing*

No 0, Yes 34, Abstention 2, Blocks 0

Outreach @ Unitarian Church
The woman that was brining the proposal was at another event that the outreach committee put on at another church where a panel was put on to give information and answer questions.  It went really well and we want to do more of them.  I don’t think it’s the kind of thing that requires GA approval.  I think she just wanted to make an announcement about the 15th of April to find people that were willing to help.  People interested can contact somebody.

Looking for approval from GA to post from Occupy Denver to:

*hand out circulated regarding Citizens Oversight Board*

A police vehicle accelerated towards 3 occupiers that were in a bus lane, as if to hit them.
Protestors were already returning to sidewalk when this event occurred.
Had roles been reversed, at the very least, the people would have been charged with assaulting a police officer. It is being asked that the Citizens Oversight Board look into/investigate areas where police have acted in ways where citizens would have been charged to help restore balance.

I think we should focus on putting a spotlight on police brutality

My question is at this meeting would we be able to bring up other issues of police brutality or aggressive actions.
-Proposer says he’s unsure but thinks so.

Are you trying to get underway any sort of police investigation
-Were appealing to the Citizens Oversight Board specifically about the police SUV that was used as a missile, however beyond that, to put into motion DPD becoming accountable.

I want to suggest we add on to this statement that we explicitly express that we have no intention to disrupt the meeting, but for people to come and voice their stories of police brutality and join OD in a call for  an investigation.

Proposer agrees that suggest should be added to the proposal

Blocks 0, No 0, Abstentions 1 Yes 23,

Proposal to move GA from Deer Pile space to Civic Center Park officially on Tuesday nights immediately.

As weather still has a chance of being iffy, recommendation that such only happen weather permitting.
-Proposer agrees to amendment

Question on if things should be more specific, i.e. “if it’s under 50 degrees”

Proposer does not think that is necessary and that the group can decide at the time.

Signs can be put up on building to reinforce when it’s outside

Signs can be left on door but what signals if things have gone from outside to inside.

If we say “weather permitting”, pretty sure people will be able to figure it out.

AIM has said that better access should be enabled and ADAPT has claimed the same.  In the event it snows, we should discuss how such would be handled.

To make things easier for disabled that the circle be moved closer to benches, portable chairs be brought in, such things would make it easier for people where standing is as not as much an option.

Is it possible to post notifications on the G.A. location to be posted on the website.

There should be no problem with such actions.

If someone new comes up how will they find locations?

If we do move from the park back in someone should remain back at the park for at least 30 minutes to inform people.

We should announce on twitter, facebook, and the website whether the GA is going on at the park or at Deer Pile.

It’s really tough to do that if there is not someone that is an administrator on those sites present at the time to do that.

Why did we meet here today rather than there.

My fault, blame me

Process was broken and should not have worked that way.

I think we should move GA back outside.  It would make things more accessible, not having it so excludes more people and that’s a shame.

I myself would be willing to wear a coat and I second the former statement.

I think it’s being made overly complicated.  Simply say that GA is now at the park and in the event that it is moved someone remain back at the park to inform people.

Two people volunteer for staying back at park.

Make it a priority for people with disabilities to have access to GA.

Another mention of support of “K”

Request for temp. check for hence forth meeting back at park…..

I propose that Tuesday night GAs be held at the park effective immediately weather permitting and any changes will be accommodated by people physically at park to redirect and any other available means.

Abstentions 4, Blocks 0, No 0, Yes 19