3-15-12 Spokes Council Minutes

March 15, 2012 in Meeting minutes

Education: good teachin. It was a tactics training.

Q: Is there anyway to get them to come to the camp. There are fights here?

A: I can get them in contact. There were twenty different tactics discussed

Occupy economics, 22nd.

GA Procedures: 9/10 passed. New hand signals now, including blocks. There are new procedures now. Tuesdays GA is now in the park.

Discussion over which side:

Temperature check on GAP, decides to send to GA as a proposal

May Day group: Theater troupe is thinking of doing a solidarity performance. May Day working group meets at 3 on Sunday.


Change name of Civic Center Park

Should GA do the naming officially?

Proposal at GA was to talk to victim’s family. The issue is exploitation of a victim.

He is an icon in the city. I do not think it is offensive to organically use the name.

Is this just for our rhetoric? And how far is it going to be taken.

This meeting was broken up when cops arrested 4 people.

This is what a police state looks like.