3-31-12 General Assembly Minutes

March 31, 2012 in Meeting minutes


Peace and Non-Violence is holding a series of non-violence trainings

Film and Video and Social Media reminder to let them know as soon as possible when there is an upcoming event so that we can get the word out sooner

24/7 the overall dynamic in the occupation has been good with everyone getting along well, the intention is to Occupy the park indefinitely, some mobile bike trailers are being made, if you have any donations for Bike trailers, Food, Blankets, or general supplies please make sure they get to the 24/7 members on the north side. Also donations for sign making, sticks, dowels, pvc pipe, poster paper, fabric, sharpies, clear packing tape

Committee of Correspondence went to the Amnesty International conference, printed up the statement on the camping ban ban. There is a meeting on 4/3 rm 391 at 10:30am that is open to the public to discuss this ban. there is also going to be a reaching out to various unions to try to get everyone together for discussion prior to may day

GA Procedures there is an informational video being filmed, if you would like to participate

There is a public transit event coming up this Wed at 10:30am

Critical Mass the last Friday of every month

We need someone to store the 2 large peace signs from the anti-police repression march if possible

Agenda Items

1) DABC Upcoming events (see attached)
It was proposed to endorse their upcoming events in April and early May, by posting them on the website and social media sites. It would be made clear by Web and SM that these are DABC initiated events, not Occupy, and that we are sharing them in solidarity due to common interests and goals. We are not bottom lining any of these events.

Yes 23, No 0, Abstentions 3

Here are the events we can help endorse.

April 4: Denver ABC’s Monthly Political Prisoner Letter Writing Night, 6:30pm, 27 Social Center
April’s event will focus on Mumia Abu Jamal and the MOVE 9 in honor of Mumia’s birthday. ABC provides the paper, envelopes, postage, dinner and kid friendly activities.

April 10: State Repression and Political Prisoners Workshop @ the Art of Social Justice Conference 10:00am Auraria Campus, Plaza Building Room 114 This workshop will introduce the ongoing legacy of state repression in the United States and the political prisoners that have been claimed by it.

April 14 & 15: DABC Training Institute- ZoĆ« and Dave’s Guide to Street Safety, 11am, 27 Social Centre, $5-$50 suggested donation. Join direct action organizers and street medics in learning how to prepare for, call, participate and support actions. This class will cover building support infrastructure, creating tools and street tactics.

April 20: Never Alone Tour, 7pm 27 Social Centre $5-$15 suggested donation: The nationwide Never Alone tour will be crisscrossing the country in April 2012 speaking about long-term anarchist prisoner support, focusing specifically on the cases of Eric McDavid and Marie Mason as well as strategizing how to grow a culture of resistance, sustain us and our friends for the long term and a security culture beyond 101 workshop. Free vegan food and kid friendly activities!

April 24: Solidarity Action for Mumia, 6pm, Democratic Party Headquarters (8th and Santa Fe)
In honor of Mumia Abu Jamal’s birthday, take action for political prisoners. This action is in solidarity with a national call to occupy the Justice Department in Washington, DC.

April 28: 27 Social Centre Secret Cafe, 11:30am, 27 Social Centre
Looking for the best Saturday brunch in Denver? Come enjoy vegetarian, vegan and gluten free brunch choices, tasty drinks, fast service and great community with the 27 Social Centre. The 27 Social Centre is a radical cultural space in Denver and home to groups like DABC, Colorado Street Medics, Denver Zine Library and many others. Food is $5-12 suggested donation for a plate and kids always eat free.

May 26: The Story of Colors/Las Historia de los Colores- A puppet show and story telling, 3pm P&L infoshop (2727 West 27th Ave) Free!
Join us for a bilingual reading and puppet show of the Chiapas folktale as told by Subcomandante Marcos and Domatila Dominguez. Snacks will be provided.

Critical Mass
CM is the last friday of every month, meeting at 6pm by the obelisk in lincoln park. OD will not bottom line, endorse only on web and social media. This was passed unanimously with a vote of 14 yes and 2 abstention

Terese Appreciation Day
it was proposed to name 4/30 Terese Appreciation day as a mayday pre-party in the park. Ben is bottom lining. Ways you can show appreciation 1) Give her a hug, 2) BYOC (bring your own cake)

Yes 15, No 0, Abstentions 2