3-6-12 General Assembly Minutes

March 6, 2012 in Meeting minutes


Legal needs members, email legal@occupydenver.org. Legal press release was put up. Court Watch needs support and involvement for helping watch court dates. Needs more people to help publicize issues. Bail support and letter writing as well as visitations to show solidarity for their individualistic expressions that may or may not have led to their arrests.

Direct Action on an oil refinery at Suncor / Several methods of approach / Request for carpool / Bring facemasks, gasmasks, hazmats suits, rubber wayfarers

Non-Violence New revision of non-violence statement.

Thursday a teach-in by someone who organizes may-day strikes, will be doing a teach-in on the history of May-Day at 5:30 in Deerpile.

The 13th will be a handicap/disabled teach-in at Mercury Café at 5:30-6:45. Will be done by handicap accessible bus protestors.

Next Thursday is non-violence teachin by Jordan Garcia with CPC, non-violent direct action trainings.

Decolonizing Consciousness Wednesdays

28th of March Walker Mcdonald will speak at the Unitarian church. 6-8 pm. 14th and Layfaette

Wounded Child teach-in as well.

Press Coummications committee, More people have joined, if you wanna help email press@occupydenver.org

Global Equality thanked Occupy for it’s support on the last march.

Someone is doing Hamlet and invites everyone to watch Hamlet!

The FBI and Interpol pulled a major sting on ANON and LulzSec causing integral parts of the “organization” to fall apart. One person is looking at 122 years of prison time. Request for legal support.

Church meeting talking about how we have a Fuck the Police march.

Second Citizen Oversight Board quarter forum is happening march 22nd at Denver COB. Quarterly forum. Broadcast on channel 8. Check it out! They oversee the office of the monitor and the internal police matters. The independent monitor position is vacant at the moment. Possible reform steps if we can lobby Hancock to place a competent person in place.

Someone talks about state-owned banks and bringing someone in to tell us it’s a good thing. CPC wants to support it.

Agenda Items

Events needs permission for a direct action on the Citizen Oversight Board meeting on March 22nd on 7 p.m. Needs permission for website access to promote this event.  Requests as many occupiers at the meeting to make his comments known via public mic. Requests people to swing the weight of public sentiment versus the corrupt police force abusing their authority and doing unscrupulous harassment and attempts at murder.

Question for a sign up for public comment.

Don’t know but seems likely.

Comments are taken directly and relatively open and transparent. CPC will offer more information at a future date.

Will it be a disruption event?

Somewhat, more about speaking our voice however disruption is not the goal. To make us known to others.

What is the citizens oversight board?

We’re showing up to address our concerns about police abuse.

Appointed people by the mayor to oversee concerns by the community for police chief and fire chief to listen and hopefully abide to.

Circulation on the website that it’s a “direct action” is faulty, rather it’s best if we advertise it as a way to stress our voice towards “community leaders”.

Someone thinks it’s a better idea to mass it with people and email specific people our concerns and what we’re opposed to as far as the oppression of our row.

Is it a direct action if there’s no action? No response.

Can we drop the terminology of direct action?


Call for general citizenry to attend and participate in


March 24th at Noon, themed march “In the assault, peace rally against police abuse) March would go from the police administration building where speakers would talk about it.

Notice to not provoke police during the march?

Yeah. A teach-in before the march seems likely.

Coordination of non-violence trainings can be a good mechanism for others to get behind.

Jordan Garcia is doing a non-violence training on Thursday the 15th.

Is anyone in touch with the Marvin Booker family?

Will someone share some info about families against police oppression?


Maybe we can use this as a venue for legal support.

Someone says there are a lot of groups that are against dpd racism and violence, suggests we should reach out to these groups to let them know that violence within our own community has escalated on Occupy. May be a better idea to let them have a platform rather than Occupy.

Would like a rename to the march title. Due to semantics which may misinform others.

Themed march for end to police brutality on march 24th at noon at civic center park. Would like it to go on the website and facebook.

Yes 31, No 0, Abstentions: 0

Shout-out for march 24th for Why We Occupy to place a float at Pride Parade.

Can we do a two-story teepee Sure!

Has it been written up? Yep!

Never made a float, what would be appropriate?

125 bucks to register, we’re gonna build whatever we want!

We need more alternate lifestyles in our movement for representation! The float is a great idea to bring that forward. We want everyone to join with us in the parade. Anyone available! Money is probably not an issue.

Great idea… very proactive idea without asking for money and just wants to post information.

Come to Hamburger Mary’s for drinks and food and to give us money! March 24th!

Wants information shoutout for Why We Occupy event at Hamburger Mary to be posted on the website.

Yes 31, No 0, Abstentions 0

CPC proposal with Occupy Denver. Week of Action. First day of action is a lobby day, they will be training people at CPC then marching to the capitol to lobby on the bill. Depending on if it’s going to die or win, we’ll escalate actions outside the capitol. Wear red on solidarity issues. Write things down you want to say to your legislator. (We are partnering moveon.org) The third action on Wednesday, we’re gonna foreclose on Lawrence castle. Thursday: we’re gonna march down and try to get DeMarco to resign.

What’s the proposal?

To put it on the website.

That’s a lot of actions! What’s up with that…? It’s hard for me to know such things… I can’t concentrate on more than one thing a month!

CPC does regular weeks of action, we’re not asking you to show up every day. Just to place the information up and get it out. It’s only to help escalate.

Who are we foreclosing on?

Lawrence Castle.

There’s no reason to not endorse it all.

Final Proposal: To endorse CPC in pushing the action forward on the website.

Yes 27, No 0, Abstentions 2

GAP has brought forth a 9/10ths consensus idea. GAPC propose that Occupy Denver move from passing votes by 2/3rds majority to a super majority of 9/10ths. In this way proposals would only pass when 9/10ths people voting support it.