3-8-12 Spokes Council Minutes

March 8, 2012 in Meeting minutes


Hamburger Mary’s fundraiser 7:00

Consciousness, Psych teach in at Unitarian Church 6:00 on Wednesdays. Inner Child work and Professional Psychologist next week.

Gardening 3-18 potluck

Wed 14th Co. Oil & Gas debunking Drums  2:00

Mon & Wed Studio 6 Coffee house, 5-6 next Wed

Merc Cafe 5:30  next Tues teach in

Occupy the Bike Path 12:15 Civic Ctr. / 12:30 Outside REI at confluence park Sat. 10th

Oil Workers Union, possible picket suncor at boulder or on st. patricks day the 17th leaflet postal workers & viral videos concerning taxes.

Suncor good for networking with other activist networks

17th flashmob at WalMart – 1336 Wynkoop rehearsal tomorrow the 9th for it

Row needs supplies, tarps and water and just about anything helps

Agenda Items

Tuesday GA’s possibly back outside: should we work toward GA’s 7 days a week at a time when most people are in the park? Should we keep the Deer Pile? Possible off site GA this Sat. GA’s at the park may help establish more solidarity with the row.

Tuesday GA’s  ?

Sat. GA’s : a proposal to move them to 3:00 on Sundays is on the way

We will be keeping the Deer Pile for various things.

Possible Occupy the Night, nights: Possibly after the fund raiser on the 24th or the 17th on St. Patty’s day.

Mar 24th, March against Police Brutality: term ‘fuck the police’ to  possibly be changed to some thing else and improved tactics like longer banners; no provocative actions and a clear message as to our purpose, thorough education of the participants