3/7: Digital Security for Activists (and Democracy)

February 27, 2013 in Teach-In

When: Thursday, March 7 from 5:30-6:45 p.m.
Where: the Deer Pile (13th and Sherman – above City o’ City – 206 E 13th Ave).

This teach-in will introduce the basics of digital security. There will be live demonstrations of packet sniffing and encryption to gain a working understanding of the risks of communication on networks, including the Internet (and how they can be mitigated).

Private communication, without eavesdropping, and without mapping of our associations, is necessary for a democratic society. We must defend the right to free speech, but it is just as necessary to defend the right to private speech, including the right to organize privately. What does private speech look like after the National Security Agency (NSA) completes its new data center in Bluffdale Utah and increasingly moves into domestic surveillance?

The teach-in will conclude by demonstrating how a small collective can setup a secure, private means of communication for organizing by using tools like Tor, Riseup.net and Hushmail. The adventurous will actually work together after the teach-in to setup a collective with a secure, private communications network.

Antony has a Master of Science in Information Systems from DePaul University’s School of Computing and Digital Media. One of his concentrations was digital security.

Teach-In Slides:

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