4-19-12 Spokes Council Minutes

April 9, 2012 in Meeting minutes

Agenda Items
City meetings: Someone got  meeting with Stephanie O’Malley Mayors aid and director of human rights and community partnership and general reps will be there items discussed was police brutality being in the park want to put in dumpster and port-o-john, asked about providing drug/alcohol personnel to handle the homeless population they decided that they want more open communication, open meets will be weekly @ 3 every wed.

May Day need to make a showing for the rest of the community to see use as relevant movement and voice, people to mashal the crowd  HAHOW will be there teach Ins will be all over, email will be sent and needs to be forward to all. Same café is on board to come down and serve food.  No monetary exchange no political party promo $180 invetsed for power and port o potty, Someone paid for it out of pocket, Womp truck will send Djs, noise ordinance is at 9:pm

Need speakers to talk about May Day Vincent Harding may attend. Someone knows people and will try to contact. Spike from the Metro newspaper has been contacted , Will try to organize mach/ parade need people to help marshal tactics will try to help Jordan Garcia will host teach in on parade marshaling on the 28th time TBA

Email from Philly/OWS Tabled

Earth Day Sunday music speakers not very all inclusive cheerleaderish and needs voice have a table to discuss Colorado environment  def fund clean Colorado  will be there. Should have propaganda to pass out. Soemone will print them to have at 420 rally, should use three min. to announce muti-participant approach and our discussion. sierra has already pulled out of Occupy, someone suggested OD rep to speak on another urban gardening

420 Legal Needs to raise money dead line is the 30th peoples bonds are going to be revoked bake/food sale for donations Friday and Saturday during rally needs personnel to man table and people to make food,Will attempt to do it in the park or at the flag pole in veterans park. Someone can print stuff and be here by 9

Art Collective needs art supplies glue markers canvas donate Sat@6 in the park or @3,6 John Mariner 14th and Lafayette

Education Committee Sat @ 1 teach in Homeless, economic struggles, urban camping ban tomorrow @6 discussion on April 30th meeting. Tues 530 deer pile emery wilder from metro holistic healing and health

Non-Violence Sun12:30 Earth Day

Romero Troupe – peoples history of Colorado medical house fund raiser pine ridge reservation 14th  & layette
Free Speech TV fundraiser this week and next needs help answering phones