4-24-12 General Assembly Minutes

April 24, 2012 in Meeting minutes


Decolonize Consciousness Workgroup, Teach-in at 1st Unitarian Church, Wed 18:00-20:00
Topic: Growing up to be effective in the movement, stop being a baby and quit sucking.

May Day Working Group planning meeting at 18:00 at Mad Beans at the Art Museum 18:00-20:00
Need canopies, chairs, folding tables and chair. Contact mayday@occupydenver.org
The only source of food is Food-Not_Bombs, so we need more food.
We need more signs and will have a sign-making party
Schedule details are being worked out.

Civil Unions Bill is coming up in the state legislature. Need to pressure five Republicans to guilt them into passing the bill out committee. See hand-out and publish further information.

Email art@occupydenver.org if you have art supplies or bring them to Lincoln Park, Sunday 17:00

Friday 30-Apr 18:00 CPC wants help organizing effort against criminalization of homelessness.

This Sat in Lafayette the Romero Theater Troupe will be doing a performance re homelessness at 18:30, 101 East Baseline Road.

Free Speech TV needs help with a fundraiser.

NOW DC in Washington, DC is pushing forward with Move-to-Amend.

Someone is in jail. Their release date is 4-May. They would enjoy visits.

CPC is calling out for support, 12:00 Wed 1029 Sante Fe Drive.

Someone announced that they are getting together with some veterans to clean up a section of Federal Blvd. They will stake out an area tomorrow. So, we will do something positive and nice.

We are hitting ALEC hard, 10 corps have dropped, they gave up Voter ID and stand-your-ground legislation.

We need to work together with The Row and homeless persons.

March for Women’s Rights on Sat from 10:30 to noon.

Agenda Items

Support Rally for Women’s Rights: No 1, Yes 21

Costs associated with May Day that we need to cover. Propose that OD donate $100 to the event for logistic needs to the May Day Working Group. Amend to release whatever is in the OD general fund and pass the hat and call out for funds on Facebook. Block 0, Abstention 0, No 4, Yes 18, we need 9/10 so vote fails.

Pass the hat for May Day, finance will take the money.

Discussion on escalating tactics against Urban Camping Ban