4-28-12 General Assembly Minutes

April 28, 2012 in Meeting minutes


Environmental group met up to keep group alive agenda item will be brought up later seeking members.

May Day Working Group attended a awesome marshal and security group meeting was awesome, still seeking marshals, May Day working group meeting tomorrow, still needing tables and chairs, bring them to the park on the day of, MAYDAY agenda is up

Legal fundraiser short $60.00 outta of the $1,250 has other people that will fill in.

Montbello committee announcement

24/7 has came up with money for 30+ sleeping bags

Someone works with a group that is partnered with Whole Foods in Capital Hill to bring food to Occupy

Banners made for Mayday and Occupy thinking of holding signs at Coors Field

Romero Troupe looking for actors to put on a theater art@occupydenver.org

May 12th attack on Iran conference at church on 14th

Agenda Items

Urban Camping Ban Proposal for a Sleep In on the16th St. Mall as a direct action from the city council meeting on the 30th, press release to be released on may 1st

Sleeping in front of he Pavilions on the 16th St mall due to news article in post to target a corporate owners

Voted to Sleep in front of the Pavilions after May Day in direct action of the Urban camping ban

Proposal moved to vote

Blocks 0, Abstentions 2, No 0, Yes 29 Passed

Environmental Group
Proposal for Bi-Montjly presence to bike to Commerce City to the Suncor Plant, Cleaning up along the way and holding signs along Hwy 270, put it on website

Ammend proposal to once a month

Blocks 0, Abstained 1, No 0, Yes 26, Passed