4-7-12 General Assembly Minutes

April 7, 2012 in Meeting minutes


Legislative trying to reform, working on legislative actions.

DABC Legal Line being abused by people claiming to be Occupiers, should only be used under circumstances based on an agreed on commitment. It costs DABC money.
Occupy Denver is in the process of legal working on a permanent legal line. Maybe we should make a statement about not using DABC’s line.

Transit Union handouts

Occupy Littleton is doing a series of 6 nonviolent strategies

Someone from Boulder has food from grocery stores. Has a meetings set up with Whole Foods on Capitol Hill. Working to organize food donations/organization.  Anyone interested in rescuing food by bicycle or cooking food for occupy or organizing food distribution to occupy.

Someone is also hoping to outreach to churches and homes for organization and cooking resources,

Gardening Krameria and 11th. (Mayfair Village) will be gardening, work day. 3:30pm7pm?

ALEC Event Wed. 5:30pm7:30pm –Colorado History museum

Agenda Items

Possible Earth Day event 22nd of April

Letter to the Mayer about Urban Camping: to agree to post and endorse letter

The Mayor has written a letter about Urban Camping. We’ve written another one to him in response, and the proposal is about okeying this through GA to send to Mayor.

Well done. To me, the word camping is a euphemism, it’s a way of saying unappealing or bad. We don’t want that. They’re evading the issue of by calling it camping. Also, the fiscal policy institute(Chris Hedges.)

On our other statements we usually call it criminalizing of Homeless, but we were trying to use the language of Hancock’s letter. Response it’s their word not ours. Maybe using “quotations”

Beautiful letter but could we add…p.s. mr.Hancock, could we please have the phone records from the prostitution events in the past. but, really in the news there was report of phone record.  Response Check the Denver Post, it’s there.

Comment/compliment great letter, thinking optimistic that we can actually communicate with them.

Letter will be mass emailed around, posted on the website, and on social media outlets. Do we send these to the press? We’ll send to westword/Huffington Post. Did amy goodman get a copy? everything will happen if we approve.

Blocks 0, Abstentions 0, Yes 22, No 0

Contact Press@occupydenver.org for press release list
Spanish translation will be made
Press conference; an actual press conference. And live stream. Someone will bottom line.

Support Enviornment Event Sun. 22nd of April

Envirodefensefund working on fracking in Colorado. The proposal is to help support, by doing an event/teachin/actions on earth day. Sierra club takes donations from oil and gas companies, but I would even outsource to them. His idea is to have people come out and support fighting against fracking. Check out the movie “GASLAND.”  The fact is the Keystone has already contracted out 3/5ths of that oil to foreign countries. There were 7 scientist (5) of which used to work for oil and gas companies, who made the statement that fracking was safe.

We should promote Mayday with all of this. My opinion is not to march, and only to rallying, because it’s high risk, and work energy. Preferably.

Blocks 0, Abstentions 0, Yes 15, No 0