5-8-12 General Assembly Minutes

May 8, 2012 in Meeting minutes

Denver Free School calendar on the website

No war in Iran @ Unitarian Church May 12

The Legislature is gutting laws for Marijuana & Crime sentencing

Goals discussion, list being gathered to address goals

Agenda Items

Urban Camping

Proposal to picket Monday before the city council vote at the city & county building.

Someone brings a proposal to call a direct action before the one approved by Saturday’s GA, all night, leave @ 5:30 march to city & county building and Denver business partnership. Do a picket before the sleep-in

No money for bail so everybody is one their own.

Blocks 0, Abstentions 3, No 0, Yes 16 Passed.

Rick Santorum is coming to town to a 3 day convention on fracking. Haliburton is involved. Very elite convention. May 14 – 16, convention center, ends noon may 16, everyone gather to protest & picket

Discussion goes to pass the proposal for doing the action now with details to follow

That Occupy Denver have a presence at this event
Blocks 0, Abstentions 2, No 0, Yes 13 Passed

Someone proposes actions for Monday, a sleep in @ the city & county building at every door, word out through email list, bring sleeping bags, blankets etc. From noon till 5:30 then take them into the building if so allowed.

Blocks 0, Abstention 1, No 0, Yes 11