5/30 Vigil For Julian Assange

May 27, 2012 in Event

Solidarity Rally & Vigil for Julian Assange as he faces extradition to Sweden.

Wednesday, May 30, 5:30pm
Lincoln Park, Denver, Colorado
The Occupy Denver GA has endorsed this solidarity action.

The UK Supreme Court will decide whether to extradite Julian Assange to Sweden on May 30. He has not been formally charged with any crimes, in any country, and is only wanted for questioning in Sweden. By this date he will have spent 540 days detained without charge – 10 in solitary confinement, 530 under house arrest. If extradited to Sweden, he will immediately be held in solitary confinement. As there is no bail system in Sweden he could be held for an indefinite amount of time, and any trial he might have would not be open to the public.

It is feared that this extradition to Sweden is being used as a gateway to extradite him to the US. The “temporary surrender” aspect of Sweden’s extradition treaty with the US makes this easy, and Sweden has not refused an extradition request from the US since 2000. Sweden has refused to guarantee that there will not be extradition.

Julian Assange’s “crime” in the US is essentially journalism.

Bradley Manning, who we also stand in solidarity with at the vigil and rally, will already have been detained for 737 days, as a political prisoner, for allegedly supplying information about US war crimes that was published by Assange and Wikileaks.

We absolutely would not stand in solidarity with “sexual misconduct”, the allegations being used in the attempt to extradite Assange to Sweden. However, there is lack of evidence for these allegations and sufficient reason to suspect the timing of old claims conveniently coming to light exactly when they would be useful in the chain of extraditing him to the US.

We do stand in solidarity with Freedom of Press, with political prisoners who are being cruelly and indefinitely detained, with the right to due process, and with the need to be able to have watchdogs over government corruption and misuses of power.

Whether you support Julian Assange, Wikileaks, Bradley Manning, or any of these topics, please join this solidarity rally. Support them in silence with your presence and signs, or support them by speaking about them. Open discussions will be held about the Swedish case, Wikileaks, and the war on whistleblowers, as well as about future Bradley Manning actions while his court martial approaches this Fall.

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