6-19-12 General Assembly Minutes

June 19, 2012 in Meeting minutes


Why I Occupy Saturday, Free speech, need to get 10-20 people

Court tomorrow 8:30am

Gay Rights next Thursday

Meditation / Yoga in the park 3-5

Rewilding event in Durango, a week of camping anarchist

Legal raised money at PRIDE for bail.  Needs  a cosigner still to get comrade out of jail.

Agenda Items

GA to start with announcements, proposals, then voting will be completed by 8:15

Then over to smaller break out groups

Then reconvene after for closure

Vote: Abstentions 1, No 0, Yes 25, Passed

Planning for a 1st Friday march on July 7th at 7p.

Will start at Lincon Park @13th and Mairposa, will go to Art Walk

Proposed as a Anti Capitalist March

Someone read the proposed press release

Discussion occurred

Diversity of Occupy meme

People who are capitalist and conservatives should not be judged.

Suggested that wording be changed

Wording was changed.

Vote: Bloc 0, Abstentions 1, No 0, Yes 24, Passed