6/1 Quebec Solidarity March

May 27, 2012 in Event

UPDATE: View photos from the June 1 solidarity march

When: Friday, June 1st 6:30
Where: Capitol Steps Behind Lincoln Park

Friday June 1st Occupy Denver, along with members of Occupy Auraria, Occupy DU, and PAZ (Politically Active Ztudents) will host a march in solidarity with the 100+ day-long student strike that has been going on in Quebec over tuition hikes. The strike has been the result of over 2,500 arrests and draconian emergency laws banning protestors from wearing masks. The strikes have been largely ignored in the US press so as to not inspire us, but it is too late! We are inspired and we are taking to the streets! The students of Mexico are also taking to the streets by the thousands! This Friday, so will the students of Colorado!

In the wake of the massive violence perpetrated against protestors in Chicago last week, we must not forget that this global struggle doesn’t end at the US/Canadian/Mexican border. Tuition hikes & austerity are already effecting campuses across the US, and it will only get worse as the 1% gradually tries to limit their losses and restrict our gains. We call on all students, all workers and non-workers, all victims of student-debt-slavery to march with us this Friday.

Anyone who has traveled to Europe knows that striking is one of the most effective tools we have at our disposal against the 1%. This tactic has been largely bred out of the American psyche, its relevance only celebrated when we talk about the 8 hour work day or anti-child labor laws. History is being boldly written in Quebec as we speak, and we stand with them! We stand with the students and workers everywhere who are demanding a better world.

This will be Occupy Denver’s first march in the wake of the inhumane camping ban that the City of Denver was hoping would kill the local branch of the Occupy Movement. Friday we will take to the streets and show the city that “occupying” is simply one tactic that our movement has at our disposal, and that the spark of revolution can never be extinguished.

We will meet on the Capitol steps behind Lincoln Park @ 6:30 and route will be determined by consensus.

We encourage everyone to wear red, bring giant red signs, representing the “red square” which has become the symbol for the movement in Montreal.

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