7-17-12 General Assembly Minutes

July 17, 2012 in Meeting minutes, Uncategorized


Fundraiser for Karyn Friday 6:30 27 Social Center (Movies – CoIntell Pro and Inside job

Slut Walk Saturday

Foreclosures – some folks may need help fighting the foreclosure on their home

Health Care for All Colorado event Saturday morning

November is Homeless month according to Governor Hickenlooper

Deep Green Resistance film screening of White Clay, Thurs 7pm at Left Hand Books

Alonzo Ashley Vigil – against Police Brutality, Wednesday at 7:30 Denver Zoo

Zapatisa Teach-in at Deer Pile 5:30

July 29th feed for homeless at Triangle Park

Free Karyn Buttons for sale 2$


Agenda Items:

People’s Debate

Conference Sept 29th or 30th – details to be worked out

Oct 3rd presidential debate conference

People’s conference (Roya)

National call out to Stop the Empire (Tim)

-Have to look for own housing and food… conference not gathering

Blocks 0, Abstentions 2, No 0, Yes 27.


Occupy the Hood Proposal to Endorse:

National Gathering this weekend in Atlanta GA

Blocks 0, Abstentions 0, No 0, Yes 23

Occupy the Neighborhoods was discussed.


Future Events

Proposal for nation wide call out for (yet to be determined) actions against the empire – under the banner of “stop the empire”) – demonstrations targeting military industrial complex in Sept. (pickets blockades or direct actions…) (email chain will come up with definition of empire)

-Modeled off of shut down the corporations that Portland did

-Empire as push but not the exclusion of political corruption…

-Economic argument about empire, military industrial complex

Blocks 0, Abstentions 4, No 0, Yes 23


Proposal to move GA to Civic Center Side of Park

Blocks 0, Abstentions 0, No 1, Yes 25