7-9-12 General Assembly Minutes

July 9, 2012 in Meeting minutes


Legal $54 was made in donations at the march
$160 total in legal fund currently minus 47 for legal line
Legal line was successful at the march
Legal line training will occur soon
$178 for GA
Money will be coming back for bailed out comrades after their cases are close.

Teach-ins happening at 5:30 at the Deer Pile space above City O’ City – next Thursday’s teach-in will be about the Zapatistas, directed by DU professor. It is the first of a series of teach-ins on social movements’ history and tactics and their application.

Tuesday the president of Healthcare for All Colorado will be at the GA. They are working toward single-payer healthcare.

Two social forums in August – The one on August 12th will be about eco-farms, food justice, etc. The other one is on August 25th and will be about single-payer healthcare and will be run by the American Sustainable Business Council (comprised of small businesses; fights against the Chamber of Commerce)

2nd of the month potluck in Cheesman Park at 4:00. At 5 we start discussing goals and missions of Occupy Denver.

Slutwalk is the Saturday after next

According to the police, nobody has been arrested for “Urban Camping” thus far, but Occupiers have been arrested recently for park curfew violations, which could be an excuse to not charge people under the ban

Rally in front of 9 News? Denver Post? on Sunday to try to get the media to realize that there are more than 2 candidates in the upcoming presidential election

Legal Courtroom 5A Comrades + Comrade in a different room

Agenda Items

Sept 2 Running Down the Walls by DABC, that OD endorse this action and put on the websites. A benefit 5k walk for political prisoners. This raises funds for political prisoners. The event will be held in Cheeseman Park. Sunday September 2 at 11am.

Vote: Blocks 0, Abstentions 2, No 0, Yes 12, Passed

Movie Night Friday, July 20, at DABC Social Center, @ 2727 27th Ave, Suggested donation $5, fundraiser for Comrades

Amendment to show video footage from days before arrest.

Vote: Block 0, Abstentions 0, No 0, Yes 14 Passed

Proposal to add someone to Finance Committee.

Vote: Blocks 0, Abstentions 2, No 0, Yes 12

Discussion about smoking

Consensus never happens

Breakout Discussions

Presidential Debate October 3