8-7-2012 General Assembly Minutes

August 7, 2012 in Meeting minutes


Caryn’s bail was posted 8/6/2012, still in Denver county. Caryn is missing her apartment meeting. She is being held until she can be transferred to Weld (sp?) county.

Someone is missing from Las Vegas, JT Sexton, his facebook has been deleted.

Next social forum is next Sunday at Ekar Farm

Josh Pierson has court tomorrow

Direct Action Working Group, 7:00 at the Amphitheater

Deep Green Resistance film showing, Thursday August 16th 7pm, “White Clay”

Spirit and struggle event, Angela Davis, asked Occupy about fliering

Occupy Flier needs updating

This Thursday, teach in at the Deer Pile, why nonviolent struggle has eclipsed the usefulness of violent struggle

Conference August 17-18, related to American Sociology Society, radical professors, called “Occupy Real Utopias”

Romero theater troupe is performing a people’s history of colorado on Auraria

This Sunday, 4pm, amphitheater

August 21st foreclosure sit in

Steer committee for the “we need to know” campaign to audit government, library Thursday at 3:00

Presidential Debate conference, trying to get a space, almost done with mission statement September 28 GA to gather concerns, September 29 to address concerns on Auraria

Outreach for the next two months focusing on inner city council?

8/8/2012 Obama speaking at Auraria


Endorse film screening event in Deep Green Resistance movie, August 16-17 Women’s march for peace on August 26.

Vote Pass 18-0

Endorse August 11th, Chris’ daughter has a kidney disease, patient advocacy group meeting at Coor’s Stadium at 8:45pm to flyer against business practices of Davita.

Vote Pass 17-0

Release $70 to reimburse a donor who helped front Caryn’s bond, $60 to pay legal line.

Vote Pass 4-15-0

August 21st, All in the Streets against the Police, 6:00 at Alma park.

Pass 2-20-0