Accountability and Conflict Resolution Draft Proposal (vote Nov. 2nd, 7pm)

November 1, 2011 in Draft Proposals, GA resolutions, Uncategorized

The below proposal will be voted upon at Wednesday, Nov. 2nd, 7pm GA: Please read and come vote!

Steps to bring a grievance:

(Person bringing grievance will be refered to as “initiator” and the other party will be “person in question”)

  1. Initiator and Person in Question, one on one, personal un-mediated discussion to attempt to alleviate a problem or grievance.
  2. If this is unsuccessful or if initiator cannot contact person in question, this grievance is brought to a newly formed committee called Conflict Resolution Committee (CRC), which will act as trained mediator for conflict
    1. CRC will also act as 3rd party to attempt to make contact with person in question
    2. If person in question is still not responding to attempted contact by CRC within 48 hours, the grievance will be brought to GA.
  3. If no resolution can be reached in CRC, the grievance is then brought to entire GA.
    1. Things to bring to GA -
      • statement and explanation of grievance and what OD  resolves are being violated.
      • Facts to support grievance
      • Proposal to deal with grievance
    2. If person in question is present: Once brought to GA, GA will hear both sides of the story, and after a stack (stack will be held to new resolution of stack, 10 then reevaluate, then another 10 if necessary), GA will vote on initiators proposal to deal with grievance.
      • There should be space for amendments to proposal.
    3. If person in question is not present: Once brought to GA, person in question has another 48 hours to begin mediated conflict resolution process through CRC.
    4. If 48 passes again without any attempt by person in question contacting CRC, the initiator may bring Grievance to GA without the person in question being present and may ask for GA to vote on initiators proposal.



Conflict resolution committee (CRC) Draft

  1. Role of the CRC is first and foremost to act as unbiased mediator between two parties in conflict.
    1. Within this capacity, the CRC will take on the duties as laid out in the accountability statement.
  2. The role of the CRC is not to decide whether or not a grievance is legitimate, but to determine if initiator is bringing facts or just rumors and opinions.