Anaheim Solidarity March 7/29

July 26, 2012 in Event


In solidarity with cities across The United States, Occupy Denver is calling for a solidarity march in response to the massive violence and repression of residents in Anaheim California. Time and time again the justice system turns a blind eye to the violence committed by the state, whether it is someone tortured in a jail cell, beaten on a sidewalk, or in this case; shot in the back. Many accept the fact that the men in badges who shake us down for traffic tickets, harass communities of color, and preserve the status quo of the ruling class are out there preserving some sort of moral order. This is not a moral order, for no moral order attacks people seeking to have their grievances redressed. It was not a moral order that attacked with batons, fired bean bag rounds and rubber bullets at children in Anaheim this week. We call on everyone in Denver who is fed up with police murders & state repression to take the streets with us. We will honor the souls that were lost in Anaheim, and remember those who have befallen the same fate in Denver. At 4PM We will rally at the Denver Skate Park at 2205 19th Street, between Platte Street and Little Raven in Denver and depart at 4:30. We will head downtown, and route will be determined by consensus. This is very short notice, so spread the word & bring some friends . For more information on the situation in Anaheim, read on:


Via democracynow

Police in the California city of Anaheim are facing allegations of murder and brutality after fatally shooting two Latino men over the weekend and firing rubber bullets at crowds of protesters. On Saturday, Anaheim police shot and killed 24-year-old Manuel Diaz after he reportedly ran away from a group of officers who confronted him in the street. Diaz was unarmed. Hours after his death, a chaotic scene broke out when police fired rubber bullets and tear gas at a crowd of local residents protesting the shooting. Another Latino resident, Joel Acevedo, was shot dead by police the following day. Police say Acevedo was suspected in a car robbery, but the circumstances around his death remain unconfirmed. We discuss the situation in Anaheim with Gustavo Arellano, editor of the alternative newspaper, OC Weekly, and Theresa Smith, who has worked with families to call for police accountability in Anaheim since 2009, when officers shot and killed her son, Cesar Cruz, a 35-year-old father of five. “Given the fact that this is the eighth officer-involved shooting within one year in the city of Anaheim … the community is going to be very upset,” Arellano says. “There‚Äôs a lot of angry residents, and rightfully so.”