Big Change to Occupy Denver General Assembly – Please Read!

November 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

At this Sunday’s 7pm General Assembly (GA), Occupy Denver decided on a big change in the way that daily GAs operate.  The GA Procedures committee brought forth and received the GAs support for a proposal for introducing a new format for Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday GAs.  This proposal was aimed facilitating greater outside group, community, and committee involvement in Occupy Denver GAs and at giving Occupy Denver space to grow as a movement.  The proposal, which you can read in full length on the Denver GA tab, maintains the standard procedure for holding GAs and voting on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, but changes Tuesday and Thursday GAs into “Get Involved Nights” and changes Sunday GAs into “Open Forum/Recap” GAs.

Get Involved Nights are intended to be meetings that are particularly accessible for people who aren’t familiar with the movement or who have been looking for a way to get involved. These new Tuesday and Thursday GAs will still convene at 7pm, beginning with time for announcements and, if necessary, voting on emergency proposals. There will also be time for “proposal feedback forums” – times when individuals or committees can have discussion and get constructive criticism and feedback on proposals they may be thinking of bringing to the Monday, Wednesday, or Friday GAs without the pressure of having to hold a vote. After this introductory time, the GA will adjourn and divide into smaller break out sessions which can be hosted by committees, working groups, outside organizations, or individuals. These break out sessions can be used to plan events, hold open discussions on hot topics in the movement, educate each other on important issues, conduct trainings, and much more. We are looking to introduce more creativity into the movement, so this new format is open-ended – the Get Involved Nights will be different every week. By making this change, Occupy Denver hopes to make Get Involved Nights a time for building community among the supporters of Occupy Denver, welcoming new members, and taking real action to advance the movement.

The new Sunday GAs will also be more accessible for those interested in helping the movement. These Open Forum/Recap GAs will also begin with time for announcements and, if necessary, emergency proposals, with time to help catch people up on what happened at the past week’s Get Involved Nights, update everyone on what committees are doing or important developments that may have taken place in the previous week, and to discuss and vote on the coming week’s Get Involved Night activities. After those discussions, the remaining time will be used to hold an open forum where we can all discuss the direction of Occupy Denver and the broader movement, share ideas, and voice our concerns.

We see these changes as another exciting step in the evolution of the social movement we are engaged in here in Colorado, and we hope that you will join Occupy Denver in pioneering this new format. If you, your organization, or your committee want to host a break out session on a future Get Involved Night, you can submit your ideas to or speak directly to a member of the GA Procedures committee in person. Please continue joining us every day in Civic Center Park, and help us keep up the fight!

The first Get Involved Night will be this Tuesday!  We will meet at 7pm for an open forum on how Occupy Denver can use these nights in the future and general discussion of the movement.  This Thursday, we will use the Get Involved Night to have a potluck!  All are invited and we will invite committee members to give a general update on their committee’s work and let people know how they can get involved.  We hope to see you there!

To read more about this change, please visit the Denver GA tab and click on GA Resolutions