Call-in Campaign for Jailed Foreclosure Resister

July 21, 2013 in Uncategorized

***Update: Thanks to the tremendous outpouring of support and phone calls the Clear Creek Country received, Reno got the medical examination and health care that he was requesting. So we are calling off the call in campaign. Thank you so much to everyone who called in and let the Clear Creek County know that Reno is a very loved comrade and his civil rights can not be violated. Reno says, “Thank you!”***

On October 30th, 2012 William “Reno” Hall was arrested and charged with resisting arrest & interfering during a foreclosure resistance action in Idaho Springs.  Reno is a homeless veteran with very little support but didn’t hesitate to step up and defend 63 year old Sahara Donahue’s home against fraudulent foreclosure at the hands of US Bank. He missed a court date, turned himself in on a Failure To Appear warrant on July 16.  Upon turning himself in, Reno had his bond revoked without explanation.

Reno is currently being held in solitary confinement.  He has liver cancer, hepatitis C, and recently had his gall bladder removed.  He has not received proper medical attention, and due to his illness is unable to keep down the food he is given in jail.  Instead of providing nutritional care, the jail is treating Reno as if he is on hunger strike. Our legal support team has been has been told by Reno that he is being force-fed and that the lights are left on in his cells at all hours, keeping him from getting good sleep.  Reno’s human rights are clearly being violated and the conditions that he is being held in amount to torture.  Reno is a hero, a disenfranchised person who had nothing, yet risked his safety to try to save a woman’s home from being stolen.  We demand that the Clear Creek County jail respect his basic human rights.

Here is a sample of what you can say when you call:


I’m calling out of concern for William Hall who is currently being held in your facility.  Mr. Hall is a homeless veteran who was arrested and charged with resisting arrest and interfering while trying to help stop the fraudulent foreclosure of a woman’s home.  After missing a court date, Mr. Hall turned himself in on a failure to appear warrant.  Mr. Hall been held in solitary confinement since his arrival  despite the fact that he has liver cancer, hepatatis C, just had his gall bladder removed, and has yet to receive proper medical attention since turning himself in.  He also is unable to keep down the food he is served (the food he is given is too greasy which causes him to vomit) and is not receiving liquid foods that would enable him to retain nutrients.  I ask that Mr. Hall be given liquid foods that he can properly digest, receives the medical attention that he urgently needs, and that he be released from solitary into general population.

Please donate if you can to Occupy Denver’s Legal Support so we can be able pay for calls from Reno from the jail with updates. Every little bit helps!  Video of the eviction resistance and the militarized police response can be found here and here. Full statement from Occupy Denver at the time of the action can be found here.